What are the advantages of the convincing technology

Precise and convincing technology - advantages of the side sectional doors

The side sectional doors from Hörmann impress with their precise technology and an innovative system. Depending on the space available and the structural conditions in the garage, a side sectional door is an option. It opens to the side so that the ceiling of the garage can be used for other storage space, for example. In addition to the simple assembly and the well-guided door travel, the safety or tightness of the systems should be mentioned, for example. Hörmann relies on the precise coordination of all functionalities. Whether with a drive system or as a manually operated gate - the components used stand for durability and the highest quality.

1. Assembly made easy

The side sectional doors from Hörmann are easy to assemble and screw. The frame is completely attached to the garage wall. Here you should pay attention to the substrates and construction materials used. In very tight spaces, Hörmann guarantees installation with a side stop of only 140 to 450 mm. This can be done using the DS fitting with the double side guide rails.

2. Particularly precise door travel

The double castors ensure very precise door travel for the entire system. They are made of abrasion-resistant plastic and are located in an aluminum rail. The material is so durable that the door travel remains light and, above all, quiet even after being operated several times. In combination with the rail, this prevents the door slats from derailing. Easy to operate, the side sectional doors from Hörmann are therefore also suitable for manual operation. The connecting hinges on the rollers and slats offer even more stability. The slats themselves are filled with PU foam and are particularly robust.

3. Well guided on the ground

Each goal has a lower floor rail made of aluminum. It guides the door slats safely without them swinging out. The bottom rail itself impresses with its very flat design. Only 25 mm high, it makes it easy to drive or enter the garage without attracting any negative attention. Since the door opens laterally, dust, dirt and other particles can be removed from the rail at any time for safe door travel.

4. Absolutely tight

Hörmann relies on permanently elastic and weather-resistant seals at all transitions of the door. That counts for the sides and the fall area. This means that the door frame not only keeps wind away, but also moisture from the inside of the garage. The seal is realized by a large-volume profile hose that lies along the edge of the door. There are additional seals between the individual slats. In addition, the lower edge is provided with a corresponding rubber lip.

5. Secure locking

The side sectional doors are only available with top and bottom door guides. This closes the gate exactly. There are also two hooks on the side of the gate. They firmly connect the end of the door leaf to the side frame. A mechanical safeguard within the rails and construction also prevents the door from being pried open. Thus you are protected from the intrusion of unauthorized persons. Hörmann also offers improved burglar resistance for manually operated doors. There is a 3-point lock that can also be attached to the closing edge. This means that the door cannot simply be pushed open by third parties and is optimally secured. Hörmann tests all products under real conditions over a long period of time. Only well-engineered series products leave the factory and are therefore bound to the uncompromising quality assurance of the company.

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