Means UPON here

Prepositions of place in English

abovehigher than something / sb.The picture hangs above my bed.The picture hangs above my bed.acrossfrom side to sideYou mustn't go across this road here.You are not allowed here above walk the street. There isn't a bridge across the river.There is no bridge above the river.nachone follows the otherThe cat ran nach the dog.The cat ran Behind the dog here.nach you.To you (you).againstdirected at something / sb.The bird flew against the window.The bird flew against the window.alongin a line; from one point to anotherThey're walking along the beach.They walk the beach along.amongin a groupI like being among people.I like it, under To be human.aroundcircularWe're sitting around the campire.We sit around the campfire*Place is seen more as a pointI arrived at the meeting.I came on the meeting.behindbehind something / sb.Our house is behind the supermarket.Our house is Behind the supermarket.belowlower than something / sb.Death Valley is 86 meters below sea ‚Äč‚Äčlevel.The valley of death is 86 meters below of the sea level.besidenext to something / sb.Our house is beside the supermarket.Our house is Next the supermarket.betweenbetween something / sb.Our house is between the supermarket and the school.Our house is between the supermarket and the school.bynear something / sb.He lives in the house by the river.He lives in the house at the Flow.close tonear something / sb.Our house is close to the supermarket.Our house is nearby of the supermarket.downtop downHe came down the hill.He came up the hill down.fromthe place where it startsDo you come from Tokyo?Are you coming out of front ofin front of something / sb.Our house is in front of the supermarket.Our house is in front the supermarket.insideinsideYou shouldn't stay inside the castle.You should not in the Stay*Place is viewed three-dimensionally
We slept in the car.We slept in the Automobile.larger areas / areasI was born in England.I am in England born.intointo somethingYou shouldn't go into the castle.You should not in the lock into itwalk.nearnear something / sb.Our house is near the supermarket.Our house is nearby of the tonext to something / sb.Our house is next to the supermarket.Our house is Next the supermarket.offof something / sb. downThe cat jumped off the roof.The cat jumped from top, roof down.on *touches a surfaceThere is a fly on the table.A fly is on the considered to be a point on a kind of lineWe were on the way from Paris to Rome.We were on the way from Paris to a lake / by the seaLondon read on the Thames.London lies at the Thames.public transportationWe should get on the bus.We should in get on the bus.ontoon something / sb. upThe cat jumped onto the roof.The cat jumped onto top, roof up.oppositeacross fromOur house is opposite the supermarket.Our house is across from of the supermarket.out ofout of somethingThe cat jumped out of the window.The cat jumped out the window.outsideoutside, outsideCan you wait outside?Can you outside waiting?overhigher than something / sb.The cat jumped over the wall.The cat jumped above the wall (away).pastpast something / sb.Go past the post office.Go at the post past.roundcircularWe're sitting round the campire.We sit around the campfire around.throughthrough somethingYou shouldn't walk through the forest.You should not by walk the forest (through).tomostly in one direction (many exceptions!)I like going to Australia.I like it, to Australia to drive.Can you come to me?Can you to come to meI've never been to Africa.I have never been in Africa.towardsin the directionWe ran towards the castle.We ran to the Lock (in the direction).underunder somethingThe cat is under the table.The cat is under the table.upfrom the bottom upHe went up the hill.He went up the hill up.