What does prayer mean for you

We pray
to you.

The prayer works. As Christians, we are not alone in this.
Do you want support in prayer?
Just write your request on this prayer voucher.
Quite non-binding and anonymous.

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As Christians we are united in prayer. In doing so, we do not only pray for our own concerns, but also bring the worries and needs of all people to God in prayer.
Heinz Josef AlgermissenBishop of Fulda Patron

We pray for you

We pray for you It works very easily by simply writing your concerns, requests, worries or whatever else you have on your mind on one of our postcards. These postcards are distributed in certain places or are on display in shops, institutions or facilities so that they are freely accessible to everyone. The postcard with the request is then simply sent to the designated recipient, the office of Catholic youth in the Diocese of Fulda (KJF), sent and distributed anonymously from there to the voluntary prayers, who then include your request in their personal prayer and pray for you.

Another way to get rid of your requests or concerns is here on this website. Here you can formulate a prayer request, be it for a person who is currently in a difficult situation, or for yourself. Whether there are a few words, bullet points or whole sentences, there is no right or wrong, because God hears us - no matter what language we come to him with.

The system is very simple: you write. We pray. God hears.

We, by the way, are young people from different places in the diocese of Fulda, trust that God hears our requests, worries and fears and that we can come to Him with everything. In addition, we have already seen that through prayer, minor and major miracles occur again and again.

So, now it's your turn, just send us what's on your mind and We pray for you

What is prayer

To pray is to speak to God as you would to a good friend.
St. Johannes-Maria VianneyPastor of Ars

How do I get started?

Many find it difficult to begin praying. But the very desire to pray is prayer. You can tell God anything you can think of. You may him to thank, him praise, you can give him anything ask and you can even do your whole frustration unload at his place. Just like with a good friend or best friend.

Where to pray

The nice thing is: God listens to you, always, everywhere. Just find a place where nobody will bother you. This can be your room as well as the tram or a park. Where you feel good at the moment. A church is of course particularly suitable. It's kind of like God's living room.

Let pray for me

The nice thing about being a Christian is that you are never alone. As in a family, we help each other, especially in prayer. God is happy when we help each other.

Do i care to god

Maybe sometimes you feel like God doesn't hear you. Or he doesn't care about your problems. Then don't let up! Don't give up and be patient. Perhaps after a while you will notice that something is changing. Often it's just small things. So keep your eyes open.

Theresa Rautenberg pray for you

I am 21 years old, come from Bergen-Enkheim and study medicine.

Come with everything I am and what is important to me before God, my Creator, and bring everything to him.

Marius Huebner pray for you

I am 20 years old, come from Neuhof, am in the seminary and studying theology.

Tell a good friend all your adventures and experiences and trust his support in case of difficulties.

I wish all prayers and all those who entrust them with their personal concerns that they will be given a special gift of God's mercy in this Holy Year.
Heinz Josef AlgermissenBishop of Fulda Patron

Year of mercy

Under the motto compassion Pope Francis opened an extraordinary Holy Year on December 8, 2015 in Rome.

This year should give us the opportunity to rediscover God's merciful love for me, for you and for all people. God is there for everyone - no matter what you've done, whether you think about him a lot or not at all, whether you are near or far from the church. He cares for us and is happy when we respond to this love. The Holy Year also invites us to do this: to turn to God anew. Perhaps also in confession, the sacrament of reconciliation, to bring before him everything that separates us from him.

This experienced, merciful love of God calls on us to make it tangible for others as well. For people who are on the fringes of society: the homeless, the sick, the elderly, the dying, people without hope or meaning, outcasts, especially the many refugees these days. We can give them new joy and hope through our actions, even if they are only small things - strengthened by the knowledge that our life is held in God and that we can trust him.

In Rome, but also in many other places, holy gates were opened that invite pilgrims to receive the mercy of God, who forgives sins and can also undo their consequences. They also remember Christ who is the door to the Father.