What is CBD Perforation

Our offers are described in detail and transparently on the website https://www.viweedy.shop. The purchaser can find out about these precisely and without time pressure.

If you are acting as a consumer, you can submit your contractual declaration within 14 days in text form (e.g. letter or email) without giving reasons. The period begins on the day after you have received the goods. Timely dispatch of the cancellation is sufficient to meet the cancellation deadline. We reserve the right to decide whether we can apply the revocation. We always try to be accommodating, but we cannot guarantee this in every case. Please note that we cannot take back or refund products that have already been opened / unsealed for legal reasons. Provided the packaging is undamaged and unopened and the product is also undamaged. In addition, perishable goods that have been opened are also excluded from being taken back. Any product or device that has been opened, used and has come into contact with the mucous membranes cannot be sold again. For this reason, these cannot be withdrawn either.

The revocation is to be sent - stating the corresponding payment details for the repayment of the purchase price in the event - to:

Viweedy GmbH | Feldbergstrasse 19 | CH-4057 Basel
or to: [email protected]

As soon as we receive the goods back, we will refund the purchase price. In principle, you have to bear the costs of the return. The products can only be exchanged if the goods delivered correspond to those originally ordered.