Why is NFL talking about college football

College football Trump's political games

When Donald Trump traveled to Kenosha on Tuesday, where Black Jacob Blake was badly injured by seven policeman shots, his gaze also turned to college football.

Kenosha is in Wisconsin - and the University of Wisconsin football team plays in the Big Ten Conference - one of the top 5 leagues. But there will be no games this fall due to COVID-19. The Big Ten decided that in August - and the US President doesn't like it.

College football is vital for Trump

The Democrats are to blame, Trump told Fox News that this great league could not play with its incredible teams.

(www.imago-images.de) NFL season - more than 60 players say "no thanks"
66 professionals from the US football league NFL have decided to suspend the coming season due to the corona virus. Some actors may have decided to do so for financial reasons, because they are paid anyway.

There is a reason that he is now exerting great pressure that the games take place and at the same time railing against the Democrats: Trump knows when college football cannot be played in the fall when the stadiums and sports bars because of the corona virus, which he has always underestimated remain empty, then it can fall back on him - and possibly weaken him decisively in the election campaign.

Biden's campaign team has already broadcast a commercial showing, among other things, empty stadiums. Trump used a Fox News interview to retaliate.

"This shows how the Democrats are lying. I'm the one who says, 'let's play football, these are young, strong people who won't have a problem with COVID." But they don't like that. If you look, all these Democratic-run states are not open yet. Why? Because we have an election on November 3rd. "

College football is big business

The epidemiologist Zachary Binney of Oxford College, Emory University in Atlanta, on the other hand, sees the blame on Trump and the "lackluster efforts" of the US government in the fight against COVID-19.

He told Deutschlandfunk: "We should tackle this problem together, united as an alliance against this one enemy, the virus. We have decades of experience in the healthcare sector and there are many examples worldwide, including Germany, of how this pandemic can be fought. But we have." we just decided not to. "

(imago / Tischler) NFL - "Every game ends in a pig pile" Former German NFL professional Sebastian Vollmer thinks it is difficult to completely protect yourself from the corona virus in American football. If a player is playing sick, the infection can probably not be avoided, said Vollmer in the Dlf.

College football is big business in the United States. The last final was watched by 25.6 million people on TV - more than the final series of the NBA basketball league. The games and the teams are the arteries for entire regions, secure sales and income for thousands. College football is also the showcase for the NFL. This is where the professional league recruits many of its players.

There are many reasons why Binney wants to play and watch college football again. But the way the US reacted to the virus, the epidemiologist emphasizes, they simply did not deserve it.

In addition to the Big Ten, the Pac-12, another of the top leagues, has decided not to play this fall. Trump did not mention this conference, however. The Pac-12 includes the states of California, Oregon and Washington State. They are all Democratic strongholds and Trump knows he has no chance of winning here.