What can dentists prescribe

Are dentists allowed to prescribe the “pill”?

However, this interpretation of the legal situation for personal use does not correspond to that of the Bavarian Chamber of Pharmacists (BLAK). No distinction is made there between personal use and the need for the treatment of a third party. According to the BLAK, the (dental) doctor may only prescribe Rx drugs in the permitted exercise of his profession. The license to practice as a dentist therefore only entitles to the professional diagnosis and treatment of dental, oral and jaw diseases based on dental scientific knowledge. The pharmacy is therefore not allowed to deliver a prescription via the “pill”. It is irrelevant whether it is personal use or a need for the treatment of a third party. The LAK Baden-Württemberg also shares this view.

The legal situation is also assessed in the comment on the pharmacy rules (Cyran / Rotta comment on the pharmacy rules, § 17 No. 681 ff.): "A doctor, dentist or veterinarian may only prescribe drugs in the branch of medical science in which he is trained and on which his license to practice is. [...] A dentist is not permitted to prescribe oral ovulation inhibitors. ”At this point, reference is made to a“ pronouncement by the German Medical Association on the pill ”from 1967.

It says that if you take ovulation inhibitors regularly, gynecological examinations should be carried out every six months. Such precautionary measures are, however, tied to the prescription and monitoring of the application by a doctor. The comment then goes on to say that if the prescription authorization is objectively exceeded, the prescribed drug may not be dispensed by the pharmacist. A differentiation between personal use and a prescription for third parties does not take place here either.