Jews were always diligent

"The Black Corps"

"White Jews" in science

There is a primitive kind of anti-Semitism that is limited to fighting the Jews themselves. Your supporters are satisfied with the fact that a clear line has been drawn between Germans and Jews. They believe that the problem is solved when the mixing of blood is stopped and Jews are no longer allowed to participate in the political, cultural and economic life of the nation. The ultimate solution they have in mind is a Jewish move to Palestine or somewhere else. The moment when Germany would become Jewish-pure in this way would logically also be the end of anti-Semitism.

Although this view is captivating because of its simplicity, it suffers from a mistake in reasoning. If we were to fight the Jews according to the old, not even unmistakable characteristics of crooked noses and frizzy hair, this fight would be a fight against windmills. The fact, however, that we had to fight the Jewish influence on politics and cultural life and have to continue to fight the Jewish influence on the German economy, already proves that it is not about the Jews "per se", but about the spirit or demon that they spread, about what is called influence

Unfortunately, it will be the case that after the ideal solution to Jewish emigration we will still have to fight against Jewish influences and that there will still be a wide field of confirmation for active anti-Semitism, even if there is none in the whole of the German Reich only crooked nose there. For it is unfortunately the case that the terrible danger of Judaism in our public life and the power of Jewish influence that nationalism had to contain was borne not only by the numerically weak Judaism, but to a no lesser extent of such people of Aryan blood who showed themselves to be receptive to the Jewish spirit and listened to it.

The victory of racial anti-Semitism can therefore only be seen as a partial victory. We cannot be satisfied with insisting on the complete implementation of the Nuremberg Laws and solving the still open problem of “Jews in the economy”. We must also exterminate the Jewish spirit, which today can flourish more undisturbed than ever if its bearers have the finest Aryan evidence.

For it was not the racial Jew that was dangerous to us, but the spirit he spread. And if the bearer of this spirit is not a Jew, but a German, he must be twice as worth fighting for as the racial Jew who cannot hide the origin of his spirit.

Thinking Jews

The vernacular has coined the term “white Jew” for such bacilli carriers, which is extremely apt because it extends the concept of the Jew beyond the racial. In the same sense, one could also speak of Jews of the spirit, Jews of disposition, or Jews of character. You have willingly accepted the Jewish spirit because it lacks its own. They worship a subtle intellect because they lack natural instincts and those character values ​​that force people to wrest their own abilities and, if necessary, to limit themselves to them.

Above all, there is one area where the Jewish spirit of the “White Jews” confronts us in its purest form and where the spiritual bond between the “White Jews” and Jewish role models and teachers can always be proven: science. To cleanse them of the Jewish spirit is the most urgent task, because we can get the "White Jew", whom we meet in everyday life, with the means of the police and stricter laws, but it is a science contaminated by Jews the key position from which spiritual Judaism can again and again gain decisive influence on all areas of the nation's life.

For example, it is characteristic that in our time, when the German medical profession is confronted with completely new tasks and expects decisive deeds in the areas of genetic biology, racial hygiene and public health from medical research, the medical press will total 2138 within six months Articles 1085 articles by foreign authors, including 116 Soviet Russians, who hardly deal with problems that ought to appear urgent to us today. Behind the little coat of "exchange of experience" hides the thesis of the internationality of science that the Jewish spirit has always put forward and propagated because it created the prerequisites for uncontrollable self-confidence.

The Jewish spirit is most clearly recognizable in the field of physics, where it produced its “most important” representative in Einstein. While all great scientific discoveries and insights can be traced back to the special abilities of Germanic researchers for patient, diligent and constructive observation of nature; while the Germanic researcher sees the so-called theory only as an aid which, if necessary, facilitates the observation of nature, but can never become a means to an end; While the knowledge of real reality is the only goal of his research, to which he also sacrifices his own auxiliary theory if it should prove to be incorrect or inadequate, the Jewish spirit that has been advancing dogmatically in recent decades has detached it from reality Known to push the theory into the foreground. The sole rule of such theories was established through subtle generalizations of existing knowledge, through skillful juggling with mathematical formulas, through obscuring ambiguities. They corresponded to the Jewish spirit and the Jewish "research method" to such an extent because they made the diligent, patient, constructive observation of nature appear superfluous.

The dictatorship of the gray theory

The telling sentence comes from the Jewish professor Leo Graetz, who worked in Munich, that in time the experimental physicist would fall to the rank of a good mechanic compared to the theoretician, to whom the theoretician would give orders for experimental investigations. And Einstein announced in a lecture in 1922: "One can expect that theory will soon be able to predict the properties of chemical atoms and their reactions, so that the laborious, time-consuming experimental work of chemists will be superfluous."

This endeavor to push the researcher connected to reality into the background was quickly followed by practice.

The Jews Einstein, Haber and their like-minded fellows Sommerfeld and Prand regulated the question of the next generation of German professorships with almost no restrictions. Sommerfeld alone could boast of having ten full professorships with his students. The literature of Jewish theorists and their propagandists swelled to 50,000 printed pages in just under fifteen years. The student youth were trained almost exclusively in their “spirit”. Had they been allowed to do so, the type of productive, realistic researcher would have died out in a few decades. Crazy, sterile theorists would have taken his place.

The seizure of power by National Socialism averted this danger, but it has not yet eliminated it. The Jewish spirit curses with all its might to hold its positions at least in those branches of the sciences which, like physics, are not subject to an apparent ideological formation, and the positions may one day become starting points for a renewed advance become

Einstein as a cornerstone

How safe the “White Jews” feel in their positions is proven by the approach of the professor for theoretical physics in Leipzig, Professor Werner Heisenberg, who managed to smuggle an article into a party official organ in 1936 in which he called Einstein's theory of relativity “ the self-evident basis of further research ”and saw“ one of the most distinguished tasks of the German scientific youth in the further development of the theoretical concept systems ”. At the same time he cursed the German physicists to vote on the value of the theory to make an impression on the relevant authorities and to muzzle critics of his work.

This governor of Einstein's “spirit” in the new Germany became Sommerfeld's professor in Leipzig in 1928 at the age of 26, at an age that had barely given him time to conduct thorough research. He began his activity by dismissing the German assistant from his institute and hiring first the Viennese Jew Beck, then the Zurich Jew Bloch. Up until 1933, his seminar was mainly attended by Jews, and the inner circle of its audience is still made up of Jews and foreigners.

The "Ossietzky" of physics

In 1933 Heisenberg received the Nobel Prize at the same time as the Einstein disciples Schrödinger and Dirac - a demonstration by the Jewish-influenced Nobel Committee against National Socialist Germany, which is to be equated with Ossietzky's "award". Heisenberg paid his thanks by refusing in August 1934 to sign an appeal by the German Nobel Prize winners for the Führer and Reich Chancellor. His answer at the time was: “Although I personally voted“ yes ”, political demonstrations by scientists seem incorrect to me, as it was never common in the past. So don't sign. "

This answer marks the Jewish spirit of their disintegration, which considers the national ties and national response of the "scientists" to be "incorrect".

Heisenberg is just one example for some others. They are all governors of Judaism in German intellectual life, who must disappear just like the Jews themselves.

The urgency of this demand and the importance of the problem raised for the future of German scientific research prompted "Das Schwarze Korps" to express an opinion from Professor Dr. To ask Johannes Stark, President of the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt. The personality of the person called, who is not only an old champion of National Socialism, but also the holder of the Nobel Prize - which he received at a time when its distribution was still unaffected by political motives for hatred and revenge - should be that for everyone Open your eyes to the fact that German science and its responsible supervisors are faced with a decision that can no longer be avoided.

"Science" failed politically

Professor Dr. Stark wrote to us about this:

The above article is fundamentally so accurate and complete that it does not need to be supplemented. But at the invitation of the editors I want to add the following remark.

It is generally known that the overwhelming majority of professors at German universities and colleges failed nationally during the time of National Socialism. They were incomprehensible and sometimes even hostile to Hitler and his movement; At several universities there were sharp conflicts between the National Socialist student body and the professors associated with the black and red system. In 1933, Reich Minister Kust rightly said bitter words to the Berlin professors in this regard. The decisive reason for the political failure of the majority of German professors in the National Socialist struggle for German freedom was the dominant Jewish influence in German universities.

His strength wasn't alone in being ten to thirty oH in numerous faculties. the lecturers were Jewish or Jewish, but above all in the fact that the Jews had the support of Aryan fellow Jews and Jewish pupils.

The political influence of the Jewish mind on universities was evident; less obvious, but just as harmful, was its influence from a scientific point of view, paralyzing reality-oriented Germanic research through Jewish intellectualism, dogmatic formalism, and propaganda business, and making the student body and, above all, the next generation of academics more Jewish Sought to educate mindset.

The tactics changed

Now the racial Jewish lecturers and assistants had to resign from their positions in 1933; the Aryan professors who are married to Jewish women are also being dismantled; but the large number of Aryan fellow Jews and Jewish pupils who previously supported Jewish power in German science, openly or covertly, have remained in their position and maintain the influence of the Jewish spirit on German universities.

While they were still expecting the Nazi government to end soon until the Fuhrer was elected President, in their unworldly state, and therefore refused to hold a public rally for the Fuhrer, they have been changing their tactics for two years; in fact, they are now outwardly acting as national, former pacifists are pushing themselves into military service, Jewish pupils who published numerous scientific papers together with domestic and foreign Jews and were still in 1929 Congresses attended by Soviet Jews seek liaison with party and state agencies.

In addition to their national or even National Socialist confirmation, they try to influence the relevant bodies with the following arguments: As scientific experts, they and their candidates are indispensable for the implementation of the four-year plan; in addition, they are recognized by foreign countries as great German scientists and therefore, in the interests of the reputation of German science, must have a decisive influence on it. With this bluff, they believe they can count on the fact that the relevant authorities have not been informed that their “notoriety” abroad is an inflated consequence of working with foreign Jews and fellow Jews.

The following facts are indicative of the continuing Jewish influence in German academic circles: Not long ago an influential German doctor told me: "I cannot imagine a medical science without Jews."

New Jewish Flood

The natural science faculty of a large university recently proposed three Jewish students for a chair, two of whom have published numerous scientific papers together with domestic and foreign Jews. The scientific book market in Germany has recently been flooded again, especially in physics, with books from the pens of domestic and foreign Jews and Jewish pupils, with a special participation of the formerly fully Jewish, now supposedly at 50 oH. Aryan publishing company Julius Springer in Berlin and Vienna.

While the influence of the Jewish spirit on the German press, literature and art as well as on German legal life has been eliminated, it has found its defenders and continuers in German science at the universities in the Aryan Jewish comrades and pupils; Behind the backdrop of scientific objectivity and with reference to international recognition, he continues to work undiminished and even tries to secure and strengthen his rule by tactically influencing key positions.

In this situation, it is to the great merit of the “Black Corps” that, through its courageous, fundamentally important statements, it draws public attention to the damage that has caused a part of German intellectual life and the upbringing of academic youth is threatened by the “White Jews”.