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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - biography, age, wife, family, private jets

There are more pastors and prophets in Africa than in other continents who have thrived immensely through their religious activities. The Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the founder of the Enlightened Christian Congregation Church (Bushiri Shepherd Ministries), is one of the richest people in inland Malawi thanks to his prophetic and supernatural powers.

Today the “supernatural prophet” has earned a reputation as a man of God with concise prophecies. His more than 200,000 congregations in South Africa and Malawi enable him to influence the economic and political changes in these countries.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Biography, Family and Age

Born and raised in Lilongwe, Malawi, ProphetBushiri, also known as "Major 1", came from a very poor African Christian family and was raised by parents who were both Christians. There is no factual information about the young prophet's parents and how old he is, but there is speculation that he is the fourth child of a family of six born to Huxley and Cristina Bushiri from Zambia. According to the unconfirmed information, Bushiri was born on February 20, 1978 and named Bushiri sheepdog by his mother after her ordeal at childbirth.

Bushiri attended Moyale Secondary School in Mzuzu, where he received his SSCE. He studied at Therapon University and graduated from there. However, his journey as a prophet of God began at the age of 10 when a supernatural being, whom he recognized as God, appeared to him in a dream and asked him to warn the people of the world to repent of their sins. Then the prophet reports that God appeared to him again and again with messages for people and that he was confirmed by God himself as his prophet. It is used mightily in prophetic, healing, and redeeming ministries.

His ministry, known as the ministry of the book, due to its numerous signs and wonders, the law of Mzuzu in Malawi, where he began, has expanded to other countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia and Ethiopia. The rapidly growing Christian Enlightenment Meeting (EKG) was launched in 2010.

Assets (income) and private jets

If we all had the talent, there would be more traffic in the air than the streets. The craze for private jets has really infected our pastors and politicians. The Malawian pastor bought a new private jet from Gulf Stream on January 6, 2016, making it the third in his jet collection. What can I say, a brand new jet for a brand new year!

In an official ceremony organized by National Airways Corporation (NAC) in South Africa unveiled the $ 37 million jet and Bushiri received a ZS VIP certificate from Larry Flynn, the Gulf Stream manager, who determined that he (Bushiri ) is the youngest who can afford a Gulf Stream jet.

Private jets cost a wealth to own and maintain; That is why it is not so shocking to hear and see billionaires using them as luxury toys because they are typical money hunters and money makers. we can get used to them, but when it comes to "men of God" it raises many eyebrows. I mean, these are the people who will always remind you that the world and everything in it is "vanity upon vanity, all vanity" and yet there is a fleet of jets flying.

The Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has just become the 2nd pastor in the world with the highest number of private jets after Bishop Oyedepo who has about 4 of them. When the man of God was attacked for wasting an amount that can help the poor on Facebook, he responded as follows:

"When are you going to sell your phone that you put in here and give the money to the poor?"

The stylish prophet who claims to live in the example has a net worth of around $ 150 million. The Prophet also owns fleets of cars, houses in Malawi, South Africa and some other African countries. The Shepherd is so wealthy that in all of his ministry he does not collect ecclesiastical offerings from members of his Church, and his free channel popularly known as the "Prophetic Channel" has helped reach millions of people around the world.

Aside from being a prophet of God, Shepherd Bushiri is an accomplished entrepreneur. He is involved in gold mining and real estate businesses and owns an electronics company, telecommunications company, various farms and a private university in South Sudan, Bushiri University of Agriculture.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri wife and children

The rich man of God is happily married to MariaZgambo and they tied the knots on July 30th, 2011. The union is blessed with two children. The first child, a girl, was born in 2012 and is called Isaraella. The second child, a son, was named "Major Jesus" because, according to the prophet, he was received by the Holy Spirit.

Prophetess Mary, as his wife is commonly known, is known to support her husband and his ministry. She sometimes runs programs at her husband's church and accompanies him on most of his business trips. Mary is not just a prophet's wife, she is a seasoned businesswoman and the executive director of Shepherd Bushiri Investments.

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