How can I make homeschooling more fun

What is the best way to learn in homeschooling?

More learning methods

Write yourself a practice exam and then correct it. You will see that a lot has stuck in your memory and that you can still surpass the practice grade in the real exam. Make notes of what went well and what you should repeat further.

Build donkey bridges. In geography, for example, you can use this method to better learn capital cities by coming up with a story. Example: My friend Matze likes to hear the Scorpions = the capital of Macedonia is Skopje; the inhabitants of Moldova like to eat chickpea soup = capital of Moldova = Chisinau. The Augsburger Puppenkiste likes to play with 5 = Augsburg religious peace was in 1555.

Make a survival summary! Write down the most important things about the material on one page. This way you can concentrate on the essentials and understand the connections better. Having the most important points summarized in one place gives you security and you can see all the information at a glance! It can also help to create pictures or mind maps to give you a rough overview of the most important learning material and to remind you of as much as possible.

Repeat the fabric regularly. If you do not repeat what you have learned in a timely manner, you will quickly forget the new learning content. It is therefore important to start studying early enough so that you can allow time to consolidate the material through repetition. It is estimated that we have to repeat what we have learned about 6 times in order to store it in long-term memory. It is important that you bring some variety into the training and not always repeat the material in the same way. Apply what you have learned to examples and change e.g. B. the learning location or repeat the material in everyday situations such as on the way to school, washing dishes or brushing teeth.