What are the benefits of shorthand 1

Offspring on the steno trunk

On March 1st, stenographers from various clubs scribbled at the municipal competition. 16 year old Jvana Manser and 21 year old Micha Wagner will also take part. The shorthand is and will remain popular.

"Starting tomorrow, Denner will permanently lower the prices of a further eight branded articles," dictates Alexa Lindner. As fast as she speaks, 15 men and women of different ages scribble the 70-syllable advertising slogan in their exercise books. In real time, in shorthand. They sit in the school benches of the Gallus school building (Flade) and take part in the monthly “Stenostamm”. It is the last one before the municipal competition, which will also be held in the Flade on March 1st. Alexa Lindner walks through the rows with the stopwatch, looks at the elegantly curved signs. “Momoll, ça marche,” she says happily.

Don't worry about offspring

Rosmarie Koller stands next to her former teacher. She is an 18-time Swiss champion and third-placed world champion in eight foreign languages. Rosmarie Koller has been teaching shorthand for 20 years. Her students include proofreaders, translators, editors, secretaries and craftsmen. The Gossau native is not worried about offspring. “In January alone, five new students registered. St. Gallen is a shorthand stronghold. " It is astonishing that the writing system, which is over 2,000 years old, is still popular with young people. Her younger students also include Jvana Manser and Micha Wagner.

Diaries in shorthand

They came across this by chance. “I saw a report on calligraphy once. While looking for information, I came across a shorthand site on the Internet, ”says Micha Wagner. The advantages of shorthand would have convinced him. The 21-year-old has been doing a course for the past five months, most of which he is doing on his own. Jvana Manser has been practicing three hours a week for a year. She needs half the time to read. The 16-year-old Appenzeller learned about shorthand from an old war film and became curious. "I sometimes need the script in school, for example for Latin translations and for things that nobody should read," says the high school student. Micha Wagner would like to soon use the font for notes at vocational school. «I write diaries in shorthand. It has to be done quickly, ”says the floor layer. He still finds enough time for his second hobby, “Winchun Kungfu” - and draws parallels: Here, too, it is about as little effort as possible and as high as possible.

Three to four times faster

In their environment, the two hardly know anyone who masters or learns the shorthand system. «I have to write the name of many classmates. They find that fascinating, ”says Jvana Manser.

She still mixes the characters in short and long letters when things have to be done quickly. For example, when she writes a "note". The most difficult are foreign words, abbreviations, endings.

After about three years of practice, you are three to four times faster than with the usual handwriting, says Rosmarie Koller. That seems to be the goal of their students too. They want to write down what is being spoken to them in real time as soon as possible. Jvana Manser would like to study criminology later. For this, too, she would like to be armed with a nimble pen. Micha Wagner says that he likes fine writing too.

Fine and fast writing

There are still two weeks left until the municipal competition. There Jvana Manser and Micha Wagner can compete in fine or fast writing.