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Show deleted Android notifications - here's how

You wiped or deleted an Android notification, but you didn't read it correctly? We'll show you here on GIGA how to display old push messages again.

Show old Android notifications again

In order to display wiped out Android notifications again, we need a specific settings widget:

  1. Presses with your finger long for a vacancy of the home screen.
  2. Select below "Widgets" out.
  3. In the widget list pulls the "Settings shortcut“On the home screen.
  4. Then tap on "Notification log“.

Now you have a new link on your home screen:

  1. Tap the new shortcut to see the notification log.
  2. All old Android notifications will be displayed again here.

Display push notifications again

As an alternative to the above instructions, you can also use the “Notification Saver and Organizer” app. It saves your Android notifications and shows them to you again if you wish. You can also set which notifications should be saved and which apps should be ignored.

This is how you can manage further notifications:

For how long are old Android notifications displayed?

In the first method we presented, the Android notification log shows you all notifications from the last 2 days. All older notifications are automatically deleted. The widget can also not show exactly what kind of message has been received. Most of the time you can see the type of message and below which app the notification came from. With WhatsApp, for example, you can only see whether a picture or just a text message has been received, but not specifically what kind of message or what kind of picture.

If you use the app suggested above to save Android notifications, significantly more information will be saved. This will probably be more helpful for most.

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