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Game description:
The 2D side scroller from Playdead Studios was first published in 2010 for the Xbox 360. Meanwhile there are limbo for almost all common game platforms. The players control a nameless boy who has to face his fears in a threatening forest. There are all kinds of puzzles to be solved and hostile creatures to overcome in order to find the little boy's sister. The game deals with a very dark subject. A little boy alone in a dark forest, surrounded by deadly traps and monsters. The Jump & Run is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Pedagogical assessment:
Start of the game and atmosphere

The game starts very atypically. There is neither an introduction to the controls nor sequences that bring the story closer to the player. In a gloomy black and white atmosphere, the players control a boy who walks like a shadow through his personal two-dimensional purgatory. The nameless boy is in the middle of a forest and is looking for his sister. On this trip he also meets other people and animals who either attack him, flee from him or are already dead. Especially in this uncertainty that limbo entails, is the invitation to deal with the game mechanics and the subtly designed storyline on your own. The tasks set by the game contribute a large part to this unique and special atmosphere. While the players initially only jump over abysses, climb obstacles or avoid traps, some opponents, such as a giant spider, will soon have to be skillfully escaped. Due to the already described gloomy and eerie game environment, both the tension and the curiosity to explore this unknown world increase visibly.

Graphics, sound & controls
The graphics make noticeable reductions in the wealth of detail, but this economy means that the essential things are better placed in the foregroundlimbo only its very own charm is bestowed. Furthermore waived limbo on a musical background and rather relies on concise bass-heavy sound effects. Rumbling, whistling and hissing that make your hair stand on end give the game its creepy character.
The controls are quickly learned after a few random taps on the keyboard. Since this is limited to the arrow keys and the control key (Ctrl), it is almost self-explanatory. Nevertheless, it takes a few minutes of play to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. Right from the start, one is often mistaken about the tasks that initially appear simple, which after closer inspection turn out to be much more complex. Your own frustration tolerance is thus put to the test. limbo stingy with hints, but thanks to the well-implemented game physics when trying out boxes, seesaws, trolleys, ropes and switches, you are always motivated to come up with a solution.

limbo distances itself from the classic 2D Jump & Runs in a very dreamy, albeit nightmarish, way. The play of light and shadow, the flickering and the background noise presented invite you into a world in which you can easily lose yourself for some time. Furthermore, it asks the players a lot of variety. Very often a rethink is required and although the gamers occasionally threaten to despair of a task, the ultimate solution can always cause a grin. The testers who have tested this game would recommend it to their friends, as it does not lose any tension even when playing together. Due to the dark theme and the eerie atmosphere is suitablelimbo but not for children.

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