Should I publish my résumé

This is how you create your résumé in the JOBBÖRSE

Now you will learn how to create, publish and manage your CV in the JOBBÖRSE step by step. By the way: if you put your résumé in the JOBBÖRSE, you can use it in every application folder that you create.

First step: let's go

Click on the four modules of your applicant profile on the JOBBÖRSE home page on "Record curriculum vitae":

Second step: add an entry

Then click on the "Add entry" button:

Third step: select the entry type

Now select the term "school education" in the selection menu under "New Entry" and click on the "Next" button:

Fourth step: Asterisk fields are mandatory

  • All fields with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled out. It is best if you enter all your details in the free fields. To support you, you will find question marks behind which explanations of the respective input fields are hidden.
  • Decide for yourself whether and how the entry should be published in your applicant profile. Select one of the three options under "Publication in applicant profile": "Not published", "Published with the name of the company / institution" or "Published without the name of the company / institution". It is best to choose "Published with the name of the company / institution" - this way employers can see which company you have already done an internship or similar with.
  • Then click on the "Apply" button:

If you've attended multiple schools, just repeat the process. Then you can continue with the next entry type, e.g. "Internship", "Non-profit work", "Military service / exercise / community service" etc. until you have entered all your data. You can find out everything that belongs in a résumé in the worksheet "The résumé".

All your entries will be saved under the menu item "CV". You can edit, add to or delete them at any time:

Tip: You can also upload a résumé that you created in a word processing program to the JOBBÖRSE. Warning: If you create your résumé yourself in a word processing program, you have to pay close attention to the format. The "Sample CV" worksheet will help you with this.

By the way: Your career counseling team will be happy to help you enter your data in the JOBBÖRSE! It's best to make an appointment right away!