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Devil fruit

A Devil fruit (jap. 悪 魔 の 実, akuma no mi) is a special fruit, the value of which is almost immeasurably high and which gives those who eat from them one of many different powers. If you sell one of these devil fruits, you can ask for up to 100 million berries.[1] If you eat two devil fruits, the body of the eater explodes, according to the CP9 agent Blueno.[2]

All Devil Fruits are cataloged in the Book of Devil Fruits, as well as the powers they confer. Both Sanji and Kurohige got at least one look into this book and found their fruit of dreams.[3][4]

It is possible to artificially produce Zoan devil fruits, which are called artificial devil fruits.[5]

Appearance and taste

Devil fruits have a specific appearance and stand out from other similar looking but normal fruits because of their spiral texture. However, there are also fruits that look similar, such as the pineapple that Buggy pretended to eat when he was a member of Gold Roger's gang.[6] It is not known if devil fruits taste differently. However, everyone who eats them is of the unanimous opinion that they would taste awful.[7][8]

Effect and weaknesses

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List of devil fruits



Surname eaten by ...
Hebi Hebi no Mi, Anaconda modelBoa Sandersonia
Hebi Hebi no Mi, Kingcobra modelBoa Marigold
Hito Hito no MiTony Tony Chopper
Hito Hito no Mi, Daibutsu modelSengoku
Inu Inu no Mi, Dachshund modelRassū
Inu Inu no Mi, jackal modelChaka
Inu Inu no Mi, Wolf modelJabura
Mogu Mogu no MiMiss Merry Christmas
Neko Neko no Mi, model LeopardRob Lucci
Sara Sara no Mi, model Axolotl
Tori Tori no Mi, model FalkePeru
Uma Uma no MiPierre
Ushi Ushi no Mi, Bison modelDalton
Ushi Ushi no Mi, Giraffe modelKaku
Zō Zō no MiFunkfried
X Drake


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Not canonical devil fruits

In the following, devil fruits are listed which themselves were only mentioned in fillers, movies and games or whose powers were only used there.


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