Why are trusses strong

The company Track-Copy from Hungary invests in Global Truss


Track Copy Kft from Szeged in Hungary is investing in a total of more than 380 meters of trusses from Global Truss. Due to upcoming major projects in the summer, Track Copy was able to greatly expand its truss inventory. After extensive research, the choice fell on Global Truss. The main decision was made for the F34 and F44P systems, where investments were made in 125 and over 200 meters. There were also more than 50 meters of F34P and F44 trusses as well as various corners and special parts.

Many of the trusses - especially the F44 and F44P systems - will be used in the summer swimming world championships in Budapest.

Project manager Kristóf Losconi was particularly impressed by the quick processing and helpfulness. “After much deliberation, we finally decided on the trusses from Global Truss. Here we see that the topic of security is dealt with a lot and that the customer is taken care of in the best possible way. We really appreciate that. The delivery time is also simply excellent. "

The trusses of the F34 system will be used at Track Copy for smaller events and corporate events in the future. "The simple handling, the reliability, quality and material thickness are ideally suited for small to medium-sized events and we will mainly use them for this" adds Kristóf Losconi.

The F34 & F44 trusses from Global Truss have a wall thickness of 2 mm, a diameter of the main tube of 50 mm and are of course TÜV certified. The P versions of both systems have the same properties, but a wall thickness of 3 mm and are therefore designed for higher loads. You can find all systems and products in the Global Truss webshop.