Our country is developing


OUR LAND consists of ten solidarity communities and a marketing company. The network includes Munich, the surrounding districts and Augsburg. Under the principle "Because home connects us", the aim is to sensitize consumers to the connections between regional cycles and to bring food to the market regionally and sustainably. After a success story of more than 20 years, around 800 stores sell 100 foods, all of which are produced according to social, ecological and economic standards.

For a few years now, the producers of UNSER LAND have been packing their eggs in climate-neutral egg cartons. Now the network has significantly expanded its commitment: All CO2-Emissions from the administration site and the warehouse were recorded and reduced as far as possible. OUR LAND is already very climate-friendly in many areas: the heating is powered by wood pellets and our own photovoltaic system generates electricity. Most of the additional electricity required comes from renewable energy sources. The UNSER LAND brand is regionally oriented per se, the products are only transported over short distances to 11 districts of the network.

All other emissions are initially unavoidable, which is why OUR COUNTRY offsets them and has chosen a climate protection project in Zimbabwe. Because this project is also strongly influenced by agriculture: the north of Zimbabwe is marked by drought and poverty. The population is growing, almost 3 percent of the forest area is cut down every year. This project protects forests with sustainable cultivation. In addition, it promotes agriculture and creates income and supply opportunities, for example through vegetable gardens, small businesses and training. In addition, OUR COUNTRY offsets the emissions for the milk cartons with a drinking water project in Madagascar.