How good is IES

100,000 IES files: New large library

Anyone who has looked into our large free asset collection should have already seen it: The new one IES Libraryby J├╝rgen Furrer is online. On the site you can currently download over 100,000 IES files for free and use them for your commercial projects. It can be sorted by specific manufacturer, rendered previews and other information can be displayed. It is also helpful that the Open source enthusiast Has already removed potential duplicates when collecting and creating the data. With the goal of over 160,000 files, the website should probably be enough as a single point of contact.

Use IES for your scenes

The industry standard .ies is used by most manufacturers, such as Philips, Osram or Delta Light, to describe exactly how the light from a lamp is distributed in a room. This allows more realistic scenes to be created - pretty much every DCC tool, whether Maya, Max, C4D or render engines such as Arnold and V-Ray offer support for the files. Blender has also had IES Light Support with Cycles since the 2.8 release. In the event that your tool only supports LDT, here is a short guide to converting .ies to .ldt.

Other planned features of the library are, in addition to better sorting and search for different data types, ... drum rolls ... a blender plug-in! That sounds like a good plan - and it seems the website is already well visited: At the time of this article, users have already downloaded almost 30,000 files.

Additional Information:To the official website