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Manage everything in Trello with these 10 Creative IFTTT Recipes


If you like lists and automation, you will likely love the automated lists you can make with Trello IFTTT recipes. They will help you get more out of Trello, which is a powerful tool to everything manage in your life. The benefits of Trello go beyond project management 10 Unique uses of Trello Except for project management 10 Unique uses of Trello other than project management Trello is a joy for all enthusiasts. His Kanban-like approach wasn't just intended for project management. Don't you believe us? Check out these ten unique uses from Trello. Read More

Here are some things you can do with IFTTT recipes for Trello.

Note: New to IFTTT? Read our Guide to IFTTT The Ultimate IFTTT Guide: Use The Most Powerful Tool On The Web Like A Pro The Ultimate IFTTT Guide: Use The Most Powerful Tool On The Web Like A Pro If Its That That Also Known As IFTTT Is A Free Web-Based Service Too Let your apps and devices work together. Not sure how to create your applet? Follow this guide. Read More

Keep a fitness log

Maintaining a fitness routine is a chore for many of us. We could do with a regular dose of motivation Improve Your Health, Improve Yourself: 3 Fitness Bloggers Show You How To Improve Your Health, Improve Yourself: 3 Fitness Bloggers Show You How Good Health And Habits Are Vital For Better Life are. But maybe you're stuck on a trail. The good news is, with a healthy dose of inspiration, you can get rid of this. Read more there. One way to do that is by enrolling in Trello daily for what you did to improve your fitness.

Create a separate board for your fitness logs and configure a DO button recipe to update this board. Log in every day for every fitness-oriented decision - from training to a healthy meal. Even better, use this IFTTT recipe to create the log cards on a schedule. About once a week, check out this fitness board to give yourself a pat on the back for your efforts and see where you can do better.

By the way, here is an IFTTT recipe to remind you to have a glass of water every hour.

Get book / movie / restaurant recommendations

Who has time to look for books, films or restaurant recommendations? We suggest creating some sort of "catch-all" for them - a Trello board to provide recommendations from blogs and connoisseurs.

For example, sign up for book recommendations from websites like Go Book Yourself. Then use this Gmail Trello recipe to display each referral email as a Trello card. To keep things tight, it's best to have separate boards for movies to watch, restaurants to check out, and so on.

You can take this idea further in a number of ways. If you're ready to pick up a new skill, the links to relevant resources point you to a specific Trello board. Set up a YouTube Trello Recipe to create a playlist of video tutorials or a Pocket Trello Recipe to create a list of how-tos.

The advantage of this approach is that you can rearrange the resources in Trello based on the order in which you want to edit them.

Solve the dilemma "What am I wearing?"

When you find the right outfit to wear a nightmare every morning, build a Trello list of snapshots of outfits that you know will work well for you.

The biggest question of the day: what am I wearing today?

- Katerina Stramiello (@stramiellok) August 11, 2015

Happy with what you are wearing today? Take a selfie and put it on a secret Pinterest board with a note on why the outfit works. Then use a Pinterest IFTTT recipe like this one to send out such outfit ideas to Trello. Organize them according to the occasion, activity, day of the week or comfort factor. If you are experimenting with your clothes add this board to it. Pretty soon you will be able to torment what to wear. Just pick outfits from this board and get dressed in no time.

One MakeUseOf reader even uses Trello to organize their wine collection. You could have Trello to keep track of your Etsy listings or your book collection. The possibilities are enormous.

Collect gift ideas

Bored of giving the same old gifts year after year? Go on a mission to collect great gift ideas. Every time you find an unusual gift - online or offline - take a screenshot of it with DO Camera and post it on a Trello board (Recipe) . You can add other details like the price of the item, how to buy it (or how to make it!), The name of the person the gift is good for, and so on.

Don't forget to put some of these gift ideas on your public wish list in case your friends and family have no idea what to get for your birthday.

Step out of that front door

Introverts, I'm looking at you. As an introverted colleague, I know the temptation to promise to stay in and evade all kinds of social interactions. The problem with our frequent stay-at-home sessions is that they keep us trapped and in our comfort zone. We let our relationships slide. We miss out on interesting connections, begin to feel isolated, and lose some of our social skills. Even extroverts occasionally struggle with this "doorstep syndrome" (as the writer Emily White calls it).

It went like this: I would be happy to have a connection - let's say, an orientation event for new volunteers at Greenpeace. I would write the date on my calendar. When the date hit I would plan my route, borrow some subway tokens and then ... collapse on the sofa. The sofa would be very comfortable. Pretty soon I'd have House of Cards on Netflix and the whole meeting would be more or less forgotten.

~ Emily White, leave your house, change your life

Determined to overcome this resistance to the outside world? Treat the whole thing as a game-like introverted riskologist Tyler Tervooren (with Trello). Create a point system and collect visual inspiration to get in touch with people again or simply to come out the door . Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Explore your city and use a Foursquare Trello recipe to organize your check-in.
  • Add photos of meetups (recipe) with new people to a Trello board. Throw in a line or two about how you enjoyed your day or list what you liked about the people you met.
  • Did catch up with a friend after a long time and wonder why you didn't meet earlier? Try a Facebook Trello Recipe to make a board of photos that will remind you how great it is to be with people you like.

Stock up on home improvement tips

Forget about expensive renovation projects. You Can Enhance Your Living Space With Inexpensive And Easy-To-Do Home Improvement Tips From The Internet Save Money On Decorating Ideas With These 11 Awesome Websites Save Money On Decorating Ideas With These 11 Awesome Websites It's easy to overdo in many areas your life. Cut yourself back on any of these areas by checking out our list of websites that will save you money on decorating. Continue reading .

First, create a dedicated Trello card for these tips. Next, look for the board's unique email address, install the DO Note app, and activate that DO Note Gmail recipe. Now you are ready to gather home improvement ideas. Every time you come across a useful idea, use DO Note to write it down and trigger the recipe you created earlier. And the tip from your email goes straight to a new card on the Trello board.

Feel free to use other triggers like pocket, twitter, DO camera, DO button, etc. instead of or in conjunction with DO note.

Design your business

A business, be it online or offline, is always in the works. Favorite Tweets that have actionable elements to help improve your business. Send them to a special Trello board with this recipe. Also, set up an IFTTT prescription for a daily reminder at a time of your choosing.

When the reminder appears, spend the next 30 minutes doing at least one task on this Business Improvement Board. You can even automatically mute your phone at this point (recipe) to avoid interruptions. In the long run, you will see how positive and far-reaching the cumulative effect of these small changes is on your business.

Challenge yourself to complete small projects

Sticking to a deadline and holding yourself publicly accountable are two surefire ways to make progress on a project. See how Gumroads Small Product Lab has several creatives in just 10 days did amazing work.

Are you ready for a similar challenge? Here's how you can do it:

  • Decide on a project idea, create a Trello board and set a reasonable deadline.
  • Break the idea down into actionable steps for Day 1, Day 2, etc.
  • Follow the step-by-step procedure as described on Trello until the project is complete.
  • To celebrate.

So where do IFTTT recipes fit in here? Use them to:

  • Track your project tasks with a daily assessment recipe.
  • Create a blog post by Trello (Recipe) describing the work you put into the project during the day.

You can even create a Trello Twitter recipe to tweet about your progress.

Save interesting things for later

These Cool Arduino Projects 10 Great Arduino Projects For Beginners 10 Great Arduino Projects For Beginners Completing an Arduino project gives you a feeling of satisfaction like no other. Most beginners aren't sure where to start, however, and even beginner projects can seem quite daunting. Read More The 10 Minute Chicken Pizza Recipe You Want To Try. All of these can come to mind when you are busy with daily life. It's a good idea to keep a list of interesting things that you want to research further.

Add these tasks in Trello during the week and go through them on the weekend. This Android SMS recipe and iOS reminder recipe make it easy to write things on your Trello boards. Move items to a "Done" list after you take action on them.

If you own a smart home, use the same approach when shopping for groceries, running errands, and planning family get-togethers. Route items from your Amazon Echo to-do list into a Trello list using this recipe. Share the list with your family members to keep everyone updated. You should also check out these FitBit-IFTTT integrations. Connect your Fitbit tracker and IFTTT to automate your home and life. Connect your Fitbit tracker and IFTTT to automate your home and life. You'd be surprised to learn that the Fitbit is one of the most convenient devices to use as a first step towards building what many people would call a "smart home". Read More

Set up a task reward system

Struggling with uncomfortable tasks like cleaning your closet or putting up unused items? Use the oldest trick in the book to do it. We say you are bribe yourself and use Trello for it.

Whenever you think of an important but not urgent item, tell Siri to add it to a special Trello board. Whenever you come across a guilty treat you'd like to hang out on, ask Siri to refer it to a second list on the same board. Here is the Voice Memo Recipe you can use to send items to these lists. Well, for every task you do on List 1, give yourself a List 2 reward. Nasty but effective.

More Trello IFTTT connections, please

Trello and IFTTT are both versatile services that keep your life in shape. Set them up to join forces for organizational nirvana. Of course, don't stop planning and rearranging boards, lists, and cards. Do something with the information they contain!

Which Trello IFTTT recipes will you find essential?Go ahead, share your favorites with us in the comments.