What should every man know about himself

100 things every man should know about women

Munich (OTS) - Honestly, what do men actually know about women? In any case, not enough, because for many men women are still as unfathomable as the universe. This has to be remedied, thought the men's and lifestyle magazine MATADOR and brought astonishing things to light in the process. What surprised editor-in-chief Stefan Gessulat the most ?:

0-tone: 19 seconds So personally I was most surprised that 83 percent of all women say they would forego sex for a whole year for 100,000 euros. Of course, I also found another result of the study astonishing, which says that most women are not into muscle-bound men at all, as you often think, but rather normal types.

Most listeners would not have thought that. What else is there that men should know about women?

0-tone 22 seconds Men should definitely know that women can smell much, much better than men and men should also deduce from this that they value their well-being and their appearance. And another important finding is that over 90 percent of women love cuddling with their partner and also like to have a massage. And almost 50 percent could imagine watching a porn movie with their partner.

So these are completely new sides that you have learned from German women and what about foreign femininity?

0-tone: 22 seconds We have actually gained quite astonishing knowledge about women abroad, namely, for example, that in northern Siberia women show their affection for men by throwing live snails at them, which is what people in Germany flirt at because I can’t imagine. And another amazing finding: in India women are legally allowed to marry goats.

The complete 100 things every man should know about women can be found in the current issue of MATADOR, which will be available in stores from November 4th.

ATTENTION NEW: MATADOR is now available in stores every month! The next MATADOR will be released on December 9, 2004.

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