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Loli characters in MMORPGs - cute or gross?

Girlish characters in MMORPGs with sexy clothes - why is this a trend? Is that just gross?

Many Asian MMORPGs contain races or classes that appear particularly young. In the TERA example, these are the Elin, a purely female people who look childlike - even if, according to the story, they are often centuries old. In Moonlight Blade there is also the possibility to portray female characters young.

Especially in Europe and America, these girlish characters often cause discussions. One reads questions and opinions like:

  • Is that even legal?
  • Doesn't that already fall under pedophile portrayals?
  • Anyone who plays (or develops) something like this is insane!

But where does the term "loli" characters come from? And what's behind it?

"Loli" is based on the Russian novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The novel is primarily about a pedophile relationship between the main character and a girl he calls Lolita. The name became a household name - it can be found in the "Lolita complex" or in the Japanese manga and anime genre Lolicon.

“Girlish” characters and sexualization = Lolicon

Basically, one speaks of Lolicon, or “Loli” for short, when female characters have particularly childlike characteristics and are strongly sexualized. In the context of Tera that would be particularly provocative clothing for the Elin, the same goes for the Lyn from Blade & Soul.

The increased occurrence of such characters and the media presence have led to even "girl" characters who are not sexualized being referred to as Lolicon. But that is fundamentally wrong. Lolicon is always the sexualization of girlish characters (regardless of actual age). But when exactly a sexualization takes place cannot always be clearly recognized, because the boundaries for it are fluid.

Lolicon in anime

Big, childish googly eyes are one of the core features of anime and these series cannot be imagined without them.

Anime that do without this representation are rare - no wonder, the optics are popular. Even adult women in anime almost always have big eyes. On closer inspection, this results in a group of characters in which the women have eyes that are often three or even four times the size of the eyes of the male characters. And yet anime fans have become so used to it that it no longer seems unusual to them, but is consistent.

Similar to the MMORPGs, there is often a "loli" character in the anime. This looks particularly young and has "childish" features - such as a flat chest and a small body size. It is interesting, however, that these characteristics are often combined with "adult" characteristics - for example hair that has grown for many years, mental maturity, or "adult" intelligence or typical, more adult emotions (such as jealousy or anger). This is very similar to the Elin from TERA.

The child schema - an instinct of the people

But another aspect has to be considered with the loli characters. There are biological-instinctive reasons why these are so popular with many people.

There is the principle of the so-called "child schema". These are various features that make a face look more childlike in particular. These include:

  • particularly big eyes
  • a rounded head shape
  • and the general proportions of the face.

These characteristics ensure that we perceive childish faces as "cute" and "in need of protection". A built-in mechanism from Mother Nature, which in many living things (not just humans) ensures that the offspring are protected.

There are various researches and studies on the subject, but on average they say the same thing: Men find women more attractive who possess some of the characteristics of the child schema. For this purpose, men were shown pictures of women and adjusted them to the child schema in 10% steps (0% = "normal" adult woman, 100% = child schema). The highest attractiveness was achieved with almost 30% child scheme.

On the other hand, it is controversial that the child-like scheme also increases the attractiveness of men (from the perspective of women). The studies on this come to different results.

Characteristics of the child schema provide different sensations that can also be transferred to computer games. We care more about "cute" characters - that makes it easier to identify with the character. At the same time, these traits can also make characters more engaging and attractive.

Lolicon in MMORPGs - food for pedophiles?

One big reproach comes particularly often from Europe. Races like the Elin only exist in the game to attract “pedophile gamers”. Sometimes the allegations go a little further: such characters would even induce pedophile behavior.

Based on my personal conviction, I would say “No” because, in my opinion, sexual orientation - in all its forms, regardless of whether it is classified as legal, illegal or a mental disorder - is nothing that one is “trained” to do. Who and what you find attractive and desired is (in my opinion) naturally present in a person and it is largely up to society to what extent you can and can show it and live it out.

Ultimately, there is one thing you should never forget with all of these things. The big MMOs with childlike "Loli" characters are primarily one thing: purely virtual games in which you play a foreign role. Even if I personally don't believe in putting Elin in swimsuits and making the skirts so short that they no longer deserve their name, I can ultimately come to terms with it again and again: It's a game and there are many factors that make it People “stand” on such things - and very little of it is directly a terrible crime.

What is your opinion on these "loli" peoples in MMORPGs? Do you like to play them? Do they bother you massively? Or do you just don't care? And: What do you think of this article?