Is the I Ching book in the public domain


Every December 31st in Germany - and many other countries - copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author. Your works become "in the public domain". At the turn of the year 2015/16, this fact received special attention in many media, because it also affects the book "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler.
“Some consider it one of the most dangerous books in the world. And that although Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf is characterized by a 'pretentious style' and 'turned, worm-like periods', as the historian Joachim Fest once described. Others, like Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka, want the book to be read in school lessons, ”reads a recently published article in the Berliner Tagesspiegel. “Neo-Nazis read the book little, say the security authorities. It is found regularly in raids, but more as a collector's item. Reading this fat, tiring tome is probably too strenuous for this audience. "
It is unlikely that countless new editions of the martial arts will flood the book market from January 1, 2016, but theoretically possible. Because 70 years after the death of its author, this work also becomes "in the public domain". “Copyright expires seventy years after the author's death”, clearly stipulates Section 64 of the Copyright Act. So far they have been with Bavaria. After the Second World War, as part of the Allied denazification, the Free State became the owner of the copyright and publishing rights to Hitler's book “Mein Kampf”.
For 70 years the Bavarian state prevented a new edition - at least in Germany. Bavaria also prevented a British publisher from reprinting excerpts from two rulings by the Munich Regional Court in January and December 2012. However, the Free State did not take legal action against other reprints of “Mein Kampf” abroad - in the USA and Poland, for example. It stayed with announcements.
It is hardly likely that an uncommented new edition will appear in Germany after the copyright protection period has expired, because the justice ministers of the federal states had already agreed in spring 2014 that they wanted to prevent this. A historical-critical edition “Hitler, Mein Kampf. A critical edition ”by the renowned Munich Institute for Contemporary History, which is beyond all doubt, but only in an edition of 4,000 copies.
Adolf Hitler is by no means the only "author" whose works become "in the public domain" on January 1, 2016. Wikisource lists many dozen, including, for example, the Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed in April 1945 in the Flossenbürg concentration camp on the express orders of Hitler as one of the last Nazi opponents after the assassination attempt on July 20, 1944. The works of the German Jew Else Lasker-Schüler, who died in Jerusalem in 1945, will also be "in the public domain" and should therefore be seen more often than before on German stages.
The most discussed topic internationally was Anne Frank's diary. The Anne Frank Fund founded by her father Otto in Basel, which holds the copyrights to Anne Frank's diaries, wanted to ban a planned complete scientific edition. His argument: Otto Frank, who died in 1980, is a “co-author”, which is why copyright does not end until 2051. On December 29, the Amsterdam Regional Court decided in civil proceedings in the first instance that text passages from the diaries may be copied and published for scientific purposes, reports In their entirety, however, they may not be published or put on the Internet. Regardless of whether Otto Frank might be co-authored, the Amsterdam judges found that copyright applies until 2036, since the diary with previously unpublished texts by Anne Frank was published in 1986.

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