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This week is a moving one and is calculated as follows:
is the week immediately before Easter, i.e. between Palm SundayandEaster
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That happened on Monday

Again Jesus comes to Jerusalem and teaches in the temple. He speaks in parables. When the high priests ask him about his authority, he refuses to answer. They therefore want to have him arrested, but fear the anger of the people. Later Jesus climbs the Mount of Olives with his disciples. He tells them about the end of the world.

That happened on Tuesday

The high priests and some leading Pharisees meet in the temple. The Pharisees then formed the ruling religious and political party in Jerusalem with around 5,000 members. Around 80,000 people lived in the city itself at that time.
The fate of Jesus is decided in the temple. The leaders fear that Jesus might bind the people to him. "Then the Romans will come and take the holy cities and the people from us. Therefore it is better for a single person to die for the people than to let a whole people perish," they said.

That happened on Wednesday

Judas secretly goes to the high priests and asks what they would give him for betraying Jesus. According to Matthew, the Bible says: "And they paid him thirty pieces of silver. From then on Judas sought an opportunity to hand him over."


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