Can a Christian marry a Messianic Jew

Rabbinical Court: Messianic Jews are not allowed to marry Jewish

Messianic Jews are considered Christians, says the rabbinical court

Messianic Jews are considered Christians, so they are not allowed to marry Jewish. That was determined by a rabbinical court on Tuesday.

TEL AVIV (inn) - The rabbinical court in Tel Aviv ruled on Tuesday that messianic Jews are not allowed to marry with a rabbi. The reason for this is the belief that Jesus is the Messiah. Messianic Jews therefore did not belong to Judaism, but to "another religion", namely Christianity, it said in the judgment.

In the specific case, the persons concerned were able to prove their Jewish origin. They made it clear to the judge that they believed the New Testament to be true. They also believed that Jesus was God and, accordingly, of the doctrine of the Trinity. They were also baptized.

Change of judgment possible

The doctrine of the Trinity, in particular, is considered a foreign element to Judaism. The church had established this dogma in the 4th century and incorporated thought patterns from pagan philosophy. In contrast, believing Jews emphasize the unity and uniqueness of God in morning and evening prayers with reference to the Bible passage in Deuteronomy 6: 4.

The judges said there was an option to reverse the judgment. The condition for this is that the couple give up their Christian faith, profess their faith in one God, break away from the community of messianic Jews and refrain from missionary activities.

In Israel, religious authorities carry out weddings; there is no civil marriage. To marry before the rabbinate, the couple must be Jewish. Anyone who does not meet this criterion or who does not want a religious marriage will get married abroad.

Correction: The article originally contained the information that Messianic Jews are not allowed to marry in Israel. This is wrong. They are just not allowed to marry in front of the rabbinate.

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