Tomestone Arizona is stuck in time

One look out of the window and it is clear: autumn with all its splendid colors is here! In addition to cozy evenings by candlelight, the golden season is also known for its most beautiful horror festival: Halloween. Many places in the state of Arizona are filled with creepy stories. In the so-called "Ghosttowns", horror fans will find everything they need for a mystical atmosphere with Halloween flair.

Jerome is haunted

Every year in October, the signs in Jerome point to showers, horror and tension. The traditional Ghost Walk will not take place due to the current circumstances, but there is an even more exciting Halloween tour. Different tours can be booked at Tours of Jerome. The “Classic Haunted Tour” takes visitors on an experience full of secrets of the former ghost town in four hours. Those who prefer it a little shorter can opt for the two-hour “Just Jerome Haunted Tour”. In the longer version, in addition to a trip to Jerome, the horror fans also follow in the footsteps of the Ghosttowns Clarkdale and Cottonwood. Those interested can get to the bottom of unsolved puzzles, investigate mysterious murders and find out where ghosts are up to mischief. The perfect adventure for a gruesomely beautiful memory.

Mysterious tombstone

This city is “too tough to die”. In the south of Arizona is one of the most famous ghosttowns in America: Tombstone. The old saloons from yesteryear still shine with their western charm and the city also has a unique atmosphere in other ways. The notorious shooting in the O.K Corral in 1881, in which tons of cartridges were fired and three people lost their lives, should not be missed during a visit. The residents re-enact the spectacle over and over again, reliving days gone by. Not quite as wild but exciting is a trip by stagecoach through the mysterious city. Another horror highlight is the Ghost & Murder Trolley Tour. The 60-minute tour takes participants on a spooky tour of the bloody history of Old Tombstone. A must for true Halloween fans.

Cruel past in Ruby

Brutal crimes and huge amounts of gold: There is also a lot to discover in Ruby, near Tucson. It was originally known for one of the largest mining camps, but shortly afterwards, in the 1920s, what is now Ghosttown gained dubious fame for cruel crimes and murders. In the meantime, the city is not really touristy, but a detour is still worthwhile. The buildings, which are more than decades old, are still in a very good condition and are full of secrets of long-forgotten stories and fates. Ruby is perfect for adventurers who want to discover secrets on their own.

Goldfield - After the gold rush came the fall

Also in southern Arizona is probably the most authentic ghost town in the United States. The city used to be a lively gold digger hotspot and experienced a large number of visitors during the gold rush of 1892. That changed quickly when the gold mine was looted - but the city is still an absolute eye-catcher today. In the 1960s, the city restored several iconic buildings to restore the city's western charm. And that worked, since then Goldfield has been attracting numerous visitors every year. Quaint saloons, tours of the mines and even the old prison can be visited. In search of a terrifying Halloween-themed spectacle, visitors to the Walking Ghost Tour can venture out for a night stroll through the historic mining town. Those interested get to know the legends, ghosts and curses of the former ghost town and discover one creepy adventure after the other. An unforgettable experience of the scary kind.

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