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Mathematics: Thoughts of a Mathematician - Where Does Mathematics Come From?
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\ (\ begingroup \) Yes, where does math actually come from? After trying to do this for a few years now, I've asked myself this question quite often. From books? Hm, the smart authors must have got it from somewhere. From the Internet? No, you can't trust the internet. That was eventually invented by the American military. Inspired by aliens? Somehow it can't be. E.T. kept thinking about calling home. There was no time for mathematical tips.

No, a plausible explanation has to be found! The only thing that helps is a look back into the long past of mankind. One thing is clear: Much of what motivates men to act is based on the fact that you want to impress women somehow ... Well, actually everything! The politically correct reader will immediately interject: How now? Didn't women contribute anything to math? Yes, yes. I'll come to that. Did men invent mathematics to get women around? I have serious doubts about it. Just imagine the competition. One of them brings home a mammoth steak the size of half the meat counter in the supermarket next door. Another can do a handstand on the back of a galloping Przewalski horse. Another man kills a saber-toothed tiger with his bare hand. Yes, if you come along now and proudly announce: "Hey doll, I can solve partial differential equations of the second order and only need a roll of papyrus!", Then it is clear that the mathematician has rather bad cards here. It gets really embarrassing when the woman replies: "Great, but today I proved Fermat's last sentence, and that between a painful birth and the preparation of dinner!" One can only advise the advertiser not to look silly and to give the mammoth steaks a try. Unfortunately, we have to admit that this theory cannot be verified. What now? It all started with what even parrots can do. I don't mean this. No, of course I mean counting, so natural counting, natural numbers. 1, 2, 3, ... etc. That’s something nice. If you can count, the world is open to you. You can at least check whether your neighbor stole a sheep, a chicken, a garden gnome or your wife when you were not at home. The latter is more of a binary problem, depending on the culture. Or the other way around: the educated elite can shit the uneducated proletariat even better. This is called interest, or alternatively game theory. Finds prove that, so I mean counting. There is also evidence of the other. But I don't want to do any surreptitious advertising for Deutsche Bank. In any case, you have scratched notches in various objects if the number was greater than the number of fingers, or if you somehow couldn't remember it. How good that this system has been further developed. I don't know where I should scratch my hard drive content (approx. 0.5 TB) as an alternative. I'm really happy about that! What happened next? Now something very crucial comes into play: boredom. Yes exactly, infinite boredom ... and later then laziness! How else do you come up with the idea of ​​developing other strange numbers? Creativity is generally overrated. The reader should take this to heart: Usually boredom is behind it! OK, but why laziness? That's obvious. Whole induction was only invented because people are lazy. Here is a small example known as the "little Gauss". sum (k, k = 1, n) = (n * (n + 1)) / 2 You have to prove that for all n. It's pretty quick with full induction, but it's very complicated. It would be much easier, but unfortunately also a little more complex, to recalculate the statement for all n up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. If that is correct by then, it also applies to all successors, so with a fairly high degree of certainty, so to speak, but in any case already practical. Here laziness has clearly triumphed over the uncomplicated procedure. Well, that's how it is until today. At some point the topology was discovered. Let's be honest. Nobody really understands that. If someone understands this anyway, then they are out of this world. Has E.T. talked about the sewing box after all? We will never know. See you next time Mathematician's Thoughts - Is Math Really Useful? Your gaussmath
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"Mathematics: Thoughts of a Mathematician - Where Does Mathematics Come From?" | 11 Comments
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Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: Gockel on: Sat. November 22, 2008 7:22:54 pm
\ (\ begingroup \) Hi Marc. Perhaps you should have emphasized the irony in this text a little more, it is very easy to misunderstand what you are writing here. mfg Gockel. \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: gaussmath on: Sat. November 22, 2008 9:30:51 pm
\ (\ begingroup \) Hello Gockel, the text is of course ironic from start to finish. Can you also see it differently? But that would surprise me very much ... 😄 Greetings gaussmath \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
from: kostja on: Sat. November 22, 2008 10:06:13 pm
\ (\ begingroup \) Hihi, I liked it. :) Thanks Marc! ;) Constantine \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: Bernhard on: Sun. 23 November 2008 01:17:37
\ (\ begingroup \) Direct hit! Thank you gaussmath! Note: There should have been ancient, especially Asian aristocrats (= elites), women were a hexagesimal problem 😛 I'm looking forward to your next "thoughts of a mathematician" Bernhard \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: Hans-Juergen on: Sun. 23 November 2008 01:51:52
\ (\ begingroup \) Hi gaussmath, I had a lot of fun. Thanks! Hans-Jürgen \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
from: cow_gone_mad on: Sun. 23 November 2008 02:35:19
\ (\ begingroup \) Small note: Even little Gauss knew that one should prove the above formula without complete induction. 😉 That's easy then. 😉 LG, cow_ \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: Diophant on: Sun. 23 November 2008 12:57:22
\ (\ begingroup \) Hi Marc, I just got (out of sheer boredom 😉 your Mathematician's Thoughts read and stated: they make me think about math! Please write more of this material ... Regards, Johannes \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: gaussmath on: Sun. November 23, 2008 1:45:40 PM
\ (\ begingroup \) Hello, thank you for the positive feedback. 😄 The next "mathematician's thoughts" are already in the making. It will be about soccer broadcasts, cell phone ring tones and fake coins ... @Bernhard: Actually that should be called "condition" and not "problem". : P greetings gaussmath \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: Hans-Juergen on: Mon. November 24, 2008 00:04:23
\ (\ begingroup \) Hi, mathematics actually came about much earlier, namely with the Big Bang. Of course, there was no one who heard it "pop", if it even did, but since our laws of nature are based on mathematics, it must have been so. Before that there was nothing, not even mathematics, only what was later jokingly called the "cosmic egg", this ominous, (almost) punctiform energy package that suddenly exploded. When the Big Bang took place is mathematics: a backward calculation of certain current astronomical conditions. The physicists involved even want to know what was going on a billionth of a second after the Big Bang. Well if the nothing is ... Note: if you don't hear my irony, it's your own fault. Hans-Jürgen \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Ma Come From?
by: Ueli on: Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 7:31:34 pm
\ (\ begingroup \) Hello, if you can't impress women, then maybe you can at least impress other men with math. Like a pimped car, just at an academic level. According to this knowledge, the math planet would have to be transformed into a youtube for mathematicians and it would be bought by e.g. Wolfram for 1Mia. There is something real about laziness. Unfortunately, that doesn't work that well on the maths planet either, otherwise you will be bullied: post after all .., use the fed ..., you have to make a little effort yourself, etc. So why math? I just have nothing better to do, at least not always, it will be for me. Ueli \ (\ endgroup \)
Re: Mathematician's Thoughts - Where Does Math Come From?
by: gaussmath on: Wed. November 26, 2008 11:45:40
\ (\ begingroup \) Hello, @ Hans-Juergen: The bottom line is that the laws of nature, which when it all started, didn't know how to best behave at first, have now matured. That is also the reason why the whole universe works so smoothly. Imagine that in the past your students would have had 10 billion years to do a class test. Then of course everyone would have written a "1". Even if the students had taken a break, let's say 4 billion years, to go to the toilet or get a chocolate bun, then 75% would still have written a "1". I hope that will make things clearer. @Ueli: You made me aware of an embarrassing mistake. Unfortunately, I have not fully analyzed the courtship behavior. Of course, nowadays one can beat the competition with bold arithmetic skills. I have to add something ... \ (\ endgroup \)