Is fuchsia pink or purple

How to style the new trend color fuchsia to match your type

There are colors that have a harder time than others. Blue and red, for example, have been an integral part of our wardrobe for years. Gaudy colors like purple and pink have had a hard time up to now. Until now! After the comeback of yellow, Millennial Purple and now Fuchsia are conquering the world's catwalks and the hearts of fashionistas.

When the temperatures go down in autumn and the sky turns gray, our wardrobe usually gets darker and darker too. We then go for black, brown and muted earth tones. That's enough of that. Because in the coming season we will show courage and color. THE trend color to be precise. We're talking about fuchsia. Because the tone, which is somewhere between purple, hot pink and bright purple, is not only super cool, but also suits everyone.

How to style the trendy color fuchsia correctly

Our favorite look? Clearly: statement pieces in fuchsia in combination with denim. Blouses and blazers in the trend color in particular look very ladylike, but still contemporary and modern. A little more casual, but still no less elegant, is the pink shade in combination with beige, cream or white. Particularly cool: A culottes or barrel leg pants in pink and a simple blouse in white or black. Jewelery in gold or silver round off the look with a touch of glamor.

And dresses in fuchsia are also an absolute eye-catcher. Here you should just pay attention to the length. The trend color looks best as a midi or maxi dress. Just add black ankle boots, cool sneakers or kitten heels. A look is finished that works both in the office and for a date. The very brave can combine fuchsia with another shade from the spectrum of pink and rose or wear the trend color from head to toe. If the pink tone is just too conspicuous for you, you can integrate it a bit more discreetly as an accessory in the outfit or simply paint your lips in fuchsia.

Here you can get the most beautiful it-pieces in fuchsia:

Fuchsia looks particularly good on this type

No question about it: the trend color fuchsia is very eye-catching. Still, all women can wear them. You just have to find the right shade for yourself. For example, women with light skin tone and light hair should choose a cooler fuchsia with more purple. So there is no risk of confusion with Barbie. Another advantage: The complexion looks fresher and even slightly tanned, exactly what we want in autumn. With brunettes and dark-skinned guys, on the other hand, it can really pop. The brighter and pinker the fuchsia, the better.

Which style really suits you?

Fuchsia is very popular with fashion bloggers. What do you think of the new trend color? Will fuchsia also become your new favorite color or do you prefer it simple and classic? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to your opinion!

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