How do I win back on slots

Reveal: This is how easy it is to sustainably improve your chances of winning in an online casino

The goddess of luck Fortuna is known to be blind. But with the right strategy you can influence their favor somewhat. A sophisticated game tactic helps to significantly increase the chance of winning with online slots.

Online slots are a good choice if a player wants to try out online gaming. Good online casinos offer the opportunity to start playing slot machine games for free and thus test them completely risk-free.

Slot machine games in particular, such as those at, are a good introduction to the world of online gaming. Because, as interesting and fascinating as classic games like poker or blackjack are, they require a good knowledge of the game and profound experience in the game. Inexperienced players easily load on the loser road with these players. Even the classic roulette game is only at first glance a simple, uncomplicated game of chance. This is why practice and learn is important, then only play for money.

Anyone interested in online slots is almost overwhelmed by the offer today. There is actually no topic that does not exist. Insiders assume that around 600 slot games are now available. There are always changes, new trends and other regulations in Europe. The classics remain, new games are added, and unpopular slots are discontinued.

Can a player actively influence his chances of winning?

But how on earth can a player increase their chances of winning? First of all, every game of chance is based on chance and probability. Influences from weekdays, moon positions or even other random events (today it rained, a red car came towards me as the first car, I saw a black cat, etc.) do not exist. But there are game mechanics and processes that, if you know them, mean an increase in chances. For gamers, computer users and games, the use of displays and monitors is eye-catching. Protective goggles provide security.

These 7 simple hacks will help you optimize casino slot gaming tactics

Tip number one:
Take advantage of the casino welcome bonus

Many online casinos offer different levels of welcome bonuses. A player should definitely take advantage of this bonus. In any case, it means that a player can play more games. More games always mean more opportunities.

Tip number two:
The bet size does not increase the chance of winning!

There is no function between the bet size and the chance of winning. In terms of game tactics, it is better to bet ten euros instead of ten euros. In the first case you have ten chances to win, in the second case only one chance. Therefore, you tend to play with small amounts. This extends the playing time and increases the number of games.

The equation is simple: more games, more opportunities to win. One limitation is their playing capital. Orient the stake to the performance of your wallet.

Tip number three:
The risk function should only be activated with caution

It is not uncommon for you to read on the web that the risk function in the game should be used frequently. That goes for all, even if it's free spins, kind of games. Yes, gamblers should only gamble when the wins are small. Any losses that occur are then not as effective and can be accepted.

The principle applies that high winnings must always be consistently secured in a game.

A player should only use the risk function for small wins, then losses can be tolerated. First and foremost, high profits must always be secured.

Tip number four:
The concentration on a few paylines and free games

As is often the case in life, even with slot machines, less is usually more. Therefore, as a player, you concentrate on a few paylines. The consequence of this game tactic is that you limit the risk of loss.

The background is simple, it is usually more lucrative as a player to work towards the award of free spins. Because free games are also paid out if scatter symbols are displayed on paylines that have not been played.

A scatter symbol is a symbol that activates various bonus features in a game. In the vast majority of slot games, scatter symbols are among the highest quality symbols in the game. They trigger bonuses, free spins or mini-games depending on the game.

Tip number 5:
When increasing the stake, it depends on the targeted timing

Make it a rule to always start the game with low stakes. Watch how often you can see scatter symbols. Many slots are programmed so that scatter symbols (often up to three scatter symbols) appear after around 50 spins and pay out bonus and free spins.

So if you have been playing for a long time and no scatter has appeared yet, then you should switch from a low bet to a higher bet. Your chance of maximizing free spins winnings increases with this game tactic. Conversely, you should then reduce the stake again.

Tip number 6
Jackpots are lucrative

Many casinos do not give out small amounts of money in the jackpots. One thing is certain, sooner or later a jackpot will be hit and paid out. However, the way to hit a jackpot is very different in every online casino. Therefore one should read the conditions carefully. It is very important when the jackpot was last paid out, or how regularly it is done.

It is always better to bet on solid profit distributions in the normal games in advance.

It makes sense, if a jackpot was hit last week, then not only the new jackpot sum is small. Likewise, the chance of winning.

Tip number 7
Stay in control

As already said in the introduction, Fortuna is blind and incorruptible. That's why you always set yourself a limit. When that is achieved, get out. Only gamble with money that you have left. Even if you win, at some point always say stop and let it cash out.