What are your favorite George Harrison songs

The Beatles

29.04.2002 - 14:40

i want your opinion on this group. your favorite songs or silly, whether you like them or find them bad. how much they have changed the music ...

29.04.2002 - 14:44

who are they? Do they do nu-metal, wear masks or are they just so bad? But maybe they'll make it big. Although I have to doubt that with the stupid name ...

29.04.2002 - 15:01

Beatles are awesome, but above all I have 2 favorite songs: While my guitar gently weeps and the good old Let it be ;-)

So - Beatles, thumbs up! How have they changed the music? Hm, I don't think so necessarily that they had an influence. With what? Their sound wasn't particularly revolutionary either, it was just the right recipes for success. But let me correct it * laughs * I'm also not the absolute expert ;-) In this sense: Ciao!

29.04.2002 - 15:23

Revolver is the best album !!

29.04.2002 - 15:24

OO yes!
I especially love revolvers with the unbeatable
"She said she said" and "And your bird can sing", "taxman".

I like the white one too, but only the Harrison and Lennon numbers


PAUL IS DEAD (check it out!)

29.04.2002 - 16:03

on revolvers, she said she said and tomorrow never this are particularly good, I think.

29.04.2002 - 16:13

Oh yes, and "I'm only sleeping".

29.04.2002 - 16:20

please don't forget Elanor Rigby and I'm Only Sleeping. But I also think Tomorrow Never Knows is the best.

29.04.2002 - 16:38

strawberry fields forever
norwegian wood
fixing a hole
a day in the life
i am the walrus
baby, you're a rich man
she came in through the bathroom window

The list could actually be expanded for a long time. The Beatles were great. And influential.

29.04.2002 - 17:31

What else comes to mind:
The Beatles certainly changed the pop and musical landscape.
I find YOUR transformation even more interesting
From the boy band
(they really were on their first albums)
about the band
towards the single players they found on the white album, on Let it be and on Abbey road

29.04.2002 - 17:45

i find the interlude on dr. robert very very well. revolver is and remains the best album of the four boys.

29.04.2002 - 19:20

Since my mother didn't have much to offer me musically (Waterloo & Robinson), I relied more on my father's taste for the musical development and he was, how else could it be a Beatles fan!
So I was tuned into the Beatles from an early age.
My favorite songs are:
Hey Jude, Strawberry fields forever, We can work it out and She loves you!
I think the Beatles had an influence on the course of music history, you just have to listen to all of the Brit Pop bands (which I also really like)!

29.04.2002 - 19:40

The Beatles' greatest songs are

I'm the walrus,
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da,
Eleanor Rigby,
With a little help from my friends,
Strawberry fields forever and
A day in the life.

And they are the greatest anyway. :)

29.04.2002 - 19:57

Every now and then when my vadder puts in "1", I can't help but listen to the Beatles .... Not that bad at all, it's off;) I like the most: "She loves you" and "Ticket to ride." ".... yeah, that was all, I don't know the other CDs .......

29.04.2002 - 20:14

a beatles thread and not even called "lucy in the sky with diamonds" ... my favorite song of fab four

29.04.2002 - 21:51

my favorite beatles songs are Here Comes The Sun by george harrison, Penny Lane, Tomorrow Never Knows, My Sweet Lord and of course Strawberry Fields Forever.

30.04.2002 - 01:31

"Come give me your hand" and "She loves you"
I have it on record. Didn't know that the Beatles also sing in English ...

30.04.2002 - 14:22

@michselber: the song is of course called tomorrow never knows (i was probably just thinking of james bond.
Many people have "number 1", I really don't know what's sooooo good about this record, it's not bad, but it's stupid that only the a-side of the respective singles is on it. this means that important songs are missing, e.g. donĀ“t let me down, yesterday (I think it's on it, but it was only b-side !!!!), i am the walrus ...

30.04.2002 - 18:24

one more question: was ringo starr a good drummer?

30.04.2002 - 19:54

Yes very!

01.05.2002 - 08:35

Wadde hadde dudde there?

02.05.2002 - 22:13

Sgt. Pepper is probably the best of the Beatles,
there's nothing wrong with it (in my humble opinion
to). Besides, it is one of the most influential records
that ever appeared.
And anyway, they are the best!

03.05.2002 - 10:40

One should listen to "Revolver" and the white album and refrain from the all too popular misconception that the Sergeant was the Beatles' most important album.

03.05.2002 - 13:28

I think everyone can make their own judgment.

03.05.2002 - 15:25

of course everyone has their own opinion, anyway
i am also of the opinion that the white album is better. revolver is, in my opinion,
just a preparation for sgt. pepper (I still like revolver very much).

03.05.2002 - 20:59

@ Machina: Definitely. :-)

06.05.2002 - 19:56

I am currently working on the white album because I am supposed to burn it on CD for my dad!
He's very tricky with this album because he thinks that there is only a limited number of copies and is probably worth a lot of money.
Who knows how many pieces of the work there is, and what is it worth?
If that's true I'll hit the market :-)
No joke I would never do!

08.05.2002 - 19:21

The white album is there so far, I know, quite often (it has been sold around 14,000,000 times so far).
but if there is a number on the cover, e.g.:00001
etc. it has great value (with number it was only sold in limited numbers immediately after publication and was discontinued after a short time. each number is only available once and shows the number of albums sold)

09.05.2002 - 10:22

The album has a number stamped on the front!
Now I'm getting rich ;-)

10.05.2002 - 12:20

Strawberry Fields
Lucy in the Sky with Diamons
Norwegian Wood
Here comes the sun

16.05.2002 - 15:11

what number does it have?

16.05.2002 - 15:12

for me, ringo was the best drummer because his style was just perfect for the beatles.

16.05.2002 - 15:14

which songs do you hate from this group?

16.05.2002 - 19:34

all you need is love

16.05.2002 - 22:07

Um, just have to look: 7327

23.05.2002 - 19:14

the beatles were shit. almost every song is boring and without a nice basic idea.
their sound was backward compared to other bands at the time. I think a list of beatles bad songs could be infinitely long. my only concessions to the grugge: george harrison was really a good guitarist, otherwise not a bit of musical talent.

23.05.2002 - 19:37

@beatles haters
i think the beatles were very talented and not boring at all, but everyone has their own opinion.
but which groups don't you think are "shit"?

24.05.2002 - 08:54

backward compared to other bands of the time

Yes / Yes.

28.05.2002 - 16:29

compare the beatles sound / sound quality with musicians you can hear on the radio today, then you will know what i mean.

28.05.2002 - 16:36

@beatles haters
you already know that the beatles were active in the 60s?

28.05.2002 - 20:38

he just forgot ...

29.05.2002 - 10:12

Unfortunately, only "the best of the eighties, nineties and today" is played on the radio. A direct comparison with the Beatles is therefore not possible.

30.05.2002 - 12:11

That's a good thing. the beatles belong in the moth box.

my favorite group is modern talking and a-ha

30.05.2002 - 13:08

I'm afraid that explains a lot. But somehow neither Modern Talking nor A-ha are pioneers of modernity ...

05.06.2002 - 17:02

@beatles haters
you have chosen two "particularly great and creative" groups.
especially with modern talking, each song sounds like the other.

my favorite songs: i want you
a day in the life

05.06.2002 - 21:01

Looks like our Beatles hater is either a joker (the suspicion arises when it comes to statements like "my favorite group is modern talking and a-ha" ...) who makes a fool of us all or else a complete ignoramus who blows out his music-historical incompetence here. I can understand that not everyone is into the Beatles, but this band in particular should be given respect for their originality and their contribution to the development of music. In any case, with Modern Talking I can't discover any original basic idea and certainly no creativity ... Ever heard of the Revolver ??? What does the sound / sound quality have to do with the MUSIC ??? Check out the old Robert Johnson recordings! Many of the greatest guitarists in the world still count him as their most important role model - although all of his recordings date from the 1930s and the sound quality is accordingly antiquated ...

06.06.2002 - 15:05

I think Penny Lane (?) Is really awesome!

08.06.2002 - 19:37

really, do you think modern talking and a-ha are bad? they make good party music and, in contrast to the beatles, have style !!!!
take a look at the beard of lennon or harrison, i don't really know which one of them, definitely really nasty.

09.06.2002 - 01:22

Pleaseeeeeeee ????? @ Beatles haters. You must hate a BANG! I think you got the wrong side.
Let's just say you have no taste, because millions of people see it a little differently than you! We say about taste can be argued about, but there would be no monologue about yours !!!!!!

10.06.2002 - 00:49

@beatles hasser: And first the worms! And the maggots! And the rotting coffin remains! How ugly ...

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