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Check links

The Link Check Tool (LCT) checks a large number of links for their quality and validity. With the unique Fuzzy Match you can compare a large number of source URLs with one or more destination URLs / domains. Do you prefer it classic? The exact match mode checks every entered source URL with the corresponding target URL.

Advantages of the LCT

  • Check the links you've bought or traded
    The Link Check Tool is a link monitoring tool. It is very important for those who buy or trade links to find out if those links are still active. To make monitoring as easy as possible, the LCT can be set up so that it starts monthly or weekly and sends you the results by email. In this way you can check the status of your backlinks.
  • Monitor your link builders
    Check the results of your link builders. If your team forgot the landing pages, you can find the list very easily by entering your domain in the LCT.
  • Evaluate the landing pages
    You have a backlink list and would like to identify the relevant landing pages.
  • Check a link partner
    Determine the quality of your link partner domain.
  • Control domains
    Find out if it pays off for you to have additional links on a specific domain.

LCT features

This tool delivers every metric for all entered URLs and checks them for validity, link status and much more. This way you can see at a glance which links are still active and whether the quality of the link source meets your needs. Using the supplied metrics, you can make a qualitative statement about your existing links. If the LCT is started as a repeating report, notifications about deleted links or link text changes are also sent.

Start the LCT report

Start an LCT report - from the "Start report" dashboard.

  1. Enter the links to be checked or use the Excel copy function to add entire lists of links.
  2. Enter the desired target URLs or the desired target domain and the tool will search for these links itself.
  3. You can copy and paste directly from Excel.

The Excel import, which has been specially improved for the Link Check Tool, also provides you with all additional information from your link lists for your link data.

Completely integrated into the LCT report, analyze your existing links with up to 97 SEO metrics and do not do without your existing link data such as email, prices, date etc. This means that your well-maintained Excel files are not only retained, but are also saved renewed export with the desired LinkResearchTools metrics currently enriched. In this example there are 3 additional fields in this link list, namely the date when this was built, by whom it was built. This data is also available in your report.

Please note that these are fictitious data.

  1. Select the appropriate destination type. This will be suggested automatically based on your input.

  2. If the number of source and destination URLs do not match, the tool automatically suggests the so-called fuzzy match. This mode checks all possible source and destination URL combinations and therefore takes a little longer than the classic 1: 1 check that you are used to from your link check tool. Do not change the suggested link check mode, otherwise not all URLs can be checked and incorrect "link not found" results will be returned.

  3. Choose your desired SEO metrics.

  4. Select the “Start report” button and wait for your report to load. This may take a little longer.

Combine your link check tool reports with the repeating reports and automate your entire link check process. After completing your report, you will be notified of any links that are no longer available via the email function provided.

Settings / functions

Would you like to have an entire domain or individual pages checked? To do this, select the appropriate destination type.

The link check mode defines the analysis process of your entered links:

  • Exact match - This mode compares each entered source URL with the corresponding destination URL.
  • Fuzzy match - This unique mode checks every imaginable combination of destination and source URL.

Please note that choosing the fuzzy match can lead to longer waiting times, as every possible combination of source and destination URL is checked.

The email function provided will automatically notify you of the completion of the report and will automatically send you no longer existing links.
Repeat your reports weekly or monthly and you no longer have to worry about checking your links.

More options

You can also use the following settings with the LCT under "Additional options":

Interpretation of the results

  1. The report information gives you information about the basic information of the report.
  2. The histogram compares the entered and checked URLs according to the selected metric. You can switch between the tabs. Each tab shows you a different metric

The keyword cloud shows you the strongest keywords.

  1. The link texts can be sorted according to different characteristics in the link text overview (according to number, power trust, power and trust).

  2. The hybrid charts also show the keyword distribution in absolute and relative numbers.

The link detail table can be filtered according to your needs and provides you with all data taken from Excel as well as all selected metrics from the LinkResearchTools. Expand your existing link lists and all additional information with the latest LinkResearchTools data. All reports can of course be exported as usual as CSV / XLS or PDF.