What is Napoleon Bonaparte best known for

Who was Napoleon? - childhood and adolescence

Education: Napoleon becomes a soldier

For Joseph, the father had planned training as a clergyman, and his second-born son was to embark on a military career. Carlo managed to receive royal scholarships for the two, i.e. financial support.

In 1778, when Napoleon was nine years old, they both left home. In Autun, a town in central France, they went to boarding school to learn French. They only spoke Italian at home. But then the brothers had to split up. Napoleon was sent to military school in Brienne in northern France.

Military school in Brienne

Napoleon was trained here for six years. The boys should learn discipline and order here. They slept in unheated tents and were only given a blanket even in winter. Napoleon became an outsider. The other boys scoffed at his Italian accent. Napoleon studied diligently and excelled particularly in mathematics. He passed the exam without any problems.

Royal Military School in Paris

In 1784, when he was 15 years old, Napoleon received a scholarship to the most prestigious military school in France, the Royal Military School in Paris. He threw himself into training with enthusiasm. After just one year (instead of the usual two years) Napoleon was able to end this and was made an officer at the age of 16. After his father's death (1785) he felt responsible for the family and supported his mother financially. His youngest siblings were only one and three years old at the time.