Which data is recorded by Google Analytics

Google Analytics

What is google analytics

With Google Analytics keep an eye on the development of your site. Would you like to control your website, continuously optimize it and increase its success? With the help of statistical data about the number of visitors, duration of visits and visitor behavior, you can draw meaningful conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of your site.

Google Analytics enables you to carry out a continuous analysis and statistical evaluation of your website by integrating a tracking code into the code of your website. The basic version of this analysis tool is free of charge and is one of the most widely used web analysis tools worldwide.

Google Analytics gives you information about, among other things

- the number of visitors to your site
- Time spent by visitors on your website
- the search terms that visitors used to find your website
- the browsers that visitors use
- Visitor sources such as links, search engines, etc.
- the demographic characteristics, such as language and location of the visitors
- the content that visitors viewed on your site
- the devices that visitors use
- and much more

In addition, you have the option of defining individual goals and measuring the conversion rate. Such goals can include an increase in orders or an increase in newsletter registrations. You can also use it to measure the success of your marketing measures. Google is constantly expanding the functions of Google Analytics so that it can now also be linked to social media.

Benefits of Google Analytics

- Possibility to export the collected data
- Linking with Google AdWords possible
- Integration of AdSense possible
- Integration of social networks possible
- Measurement of charging time possible
- E-commerce tracking possible
- Definition and measurement of individual goals
- In-page analysis available

Cons of Google Analytics

The integration of Google Analytics gives Google access to a large number of data. Therefore, the use of this tool should be carefully considered from the point of view of data protection, because it is unclear to what extent Google uses the collected data to create comprehensive user profiles and will use it for marketing purposes in the future.