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Update: The Lübbe-Verlag announced that there are contracts for 2 new novels by Dan Brown. The publication dates and titles of the new books are not yet known.

About the Author Dan Brown:

The American writer was born in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1964. Before he started writing, he worked as a teacher for English and Spanish. In order to be able to finish his first novel besides his job, he sat at his desk every morning at four o'clock. Even before the book was finished, Brown quit his job, confident that he would have success with the publication. As you can see today, he was right to do so. The author is almost synonymous with the exciting thriller par excellence among book lovers. Each of his books becomes a bestseller. The story of Brown's success in the literary scene is very surprising, as his first publication already reached millions of copies, which many authors have not been granted even after decades.

Dan Brown's books:

The Secret of Dan Brown's Novels is probably in the content. These cleverly link the past, present and fantasy. Conspiracy theories form the backbone of many of the author's stories. He interweaves them with facts from known history and with real places. So the reader always has the feeling that the incredible events that happened in Brown's novels could actually have happened that way.

Many of the writer's novels are set in Europe, where the author undertook extensive research trips. This also helps make the thrillers look so realistic. The scenes are reproduced true to the original down to the last detail. Meanwhile there is also a real Dan Brown tourism. You can book guided tours at the locations of his books and feel like the main character in a conspiracy novel. Because Brown has researched so intensively, these tours offer his readers a special attraction. Because they find a lot of the Brown books in reality.

The main recurring character in several novels is Harvard professor Robert Langdon. Langdon is intelligent, handsome, and very popular with women. His interest in occult societies and secret societies always brings him new adventures. In addition, his extensive knowledge enables Robert Langdon to uncover even the best-kept secrets. With the size of the conspiracies he uncovered, it would take someone like Robert Langdon to solve them.

Some of the novels with Robert Langdon have already been made into films. Just like the books by Dan Brown, the films about the professor became crowd-pullers. This is certainly also due to the fact that the films are consistently top-class. Robert Langdon, for example, is played by Tom Hanks. Ewan McGregor, Audrey Tautou and Jean Reno also played important roles in the film adaptations.

Robert Langdon series in the correct order:

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Film adaptations of the Robert Langdon thriller:

Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, was successfully filmed under the original title "The Da Vinci Code" and is also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Other books by Dan Brown: