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American Novels 2017-2020

Overview of the American novels recommended in the quality press by current authors such as T.C. Boyle, Teju Cole, Jonathan Franzen, Stephen King, David Foster Wallace and many others.

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Jason Schwartz: A German picturesque

Diaphanes Verlag, Zurich 2020
ISBN 9783035802924, paperback, 120 pages, 12.00 EUR
From the American by Andreas L. Hofbauer. Interiors full of screamingly silent objects, puzzling gaps in household books, never-before-seen encounters behind calendar entries and always ...

Camilla Grubova: The Alphabet of Dolls

CulturBooks, Hamburg 2020
ISBN 9783959881500, hardcover, 200 pages, 20.00 EUR
From the American by Zoe Beck, Camilla Grudova takes us into a scary-magical and grotesque-humorous universe, populated by dolls, sewing machines, cans and mirrors, definitely ...

Olivia Manning: The greatest wealth. The Balkans Trilogy, Volume 1

Rowohlt Verlag, Hamburg 2020
ISBN 9783498001490, hardcover, 464 pages, EUR 24.00
Translated from the English by Silke Jellinghaus. Harriet Pringle travels east with her husband through a war-threatened Europe. Guy has been working in Bucharest for a long time, now he's taking his young ...

Mary Beth Keane: If you asked me again today. novel

Eisele Verlag, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783961610969, hardcover, 464 pages, 24.00 EUR
From the American by Wibke Kuhn. When the Gleesons and Stanhopes move into the same neighborhood, the course seems set for a friendly relationship. Lena Gleeson feels ...

Meg Wolitzer: This is your life. novel

DuMont Verlag, Cologne 2020
ISBN 9783832181352, hardcover, 384 pages, 24.00 EUR
From the American by Michaela Grabinger. Dottie Engels is a single mom - and a comedian star in 1970s America. She has made herself a brand, tears ...

Christopher McDougall: Happiness is gray

DuMont Verlag, Cologne 2020
ISBN 9783832181185, hardcover, 416 pages, 22.00 EUR
From the American by Simone Jakob and Anne-Marie Wachs. Warm eyes, cheeky ears, the hooves of a champion and the heart of a hero: this is Sherman. But the little donkey wasn't always bristling ...

Nick Kolakowski: Love & Bullets. thriller

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783518470565, paperback, 423 pages, 11.00 EUR
From the American by Stefan Lux. Edited by Thomas Wörtche. Bill is a smart dandy who just can't stop stealing and cheating. His luxury life, the chic cars, high-end watches ...

Kyra Wilder: The Burning House. novel

S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2020
ISBN 9783103900101, hardcover, 256 pages, 22.00 EUR
From the American by Eva Kemper. How thin is the line between motherhood and madness? Erika moves to Switzerland with her husband and their two young children. In midsummer Geneva ...

Matt Ruff: 88 names. novel

S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2020
ISBN 9783596700936, hardcover, 336 pages, 16.99 EUR
From the American by Alexandra Jordan. John Chu loves his job. As a Sherpa, he accompanies wealthy customers in online role-playing games such as the popular Call to Wizardry and shows them the tricks ...

Namina Forna: The goddesses of Otera. Volume 1: Golden as blood

Loewe Verlag, Bindlach 2020
ISBN 9783743204089, hardcover, 512 pages, 19.95 EUR
From the American by Bea Reiter. When golden blood flows from her veins, it is clear to Deka that she will never belong. Because of her dark skin color, she has always been considered an outsider. ...

Sebastian Barry: A thousand moons. novel

Steidl Verlag, Göttingen 2020
ISBN 9783958297753, hardcover, 256 pages, 24.00 EUR
Translated from the English by Hans Christian Oeser. "I might be talking about things that happened in Henry County, Tennessee, in 1873 or 1874, but I've never been reliable when it comes to data.

Andre Aciman: Find Me, Find Me. novel

dtv, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783423282307, hardcover, 296 pages, 22.00 EUR
From the American by Thomas Brovot. Samuel is on his way to Rome to visit his son Elio, who lives there as a pianist. Since the separation from his great childhood sweetheart Oliver, Elio is not ...

Laura van den Berg: The third hotel. novel

Penguin Verlag, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783328600831, hardcover, 240 pages, 22.00 EUR
From the American by Sabine Schwenk. A shimmering journey into the past begins for Clare with a flight to Cuba in summer. Just a few weeks earlier, she met her husband Richard at a ...