Have you seen the original Cosmos series?

What film and series resolutions do you have for the new year?

Films and series do not watch each other by themselves. Each of us invests time and money in our favorite hobby! Do you have film and series resolutions for 2017?

The new year 2017 is approaching and we want to know which cinema customs, series resolutions and cinematic preferences you will follow in the new year? We too have thought about our 2017 film and series year and listed our good resolutions. Because it is well known that people are encouraged to implement resolutions if they have been made public beforehand:

Jan wants to watch more classics again
As happy as I am this year with the more than 100 films I saw from the 2016 cinema year, the classic films unfortunately fell short. I would like to change that next year. At the same time, I would like to go to the cinema more often next year, because I only watched most of the films on Blu-ray. And with the series, Twin Peaks and The Wire have been waiting for a sighting for far too long. Oh, if the day only had 30 hours ...

Johanna wants to look more behind the scenes
On the whole, I am quite satisfied with my film yield for 2016 and could easily live with it if things continued the same way next year in terms of quality and quantity. However, there is one thing I would like to tackle in 2017: namely about making-ofs, interviews and the like. to expand my background knowledge of the works I have seen. Because sometimes the words of someone involved open up a whole new perspective on what can be seen in the film itself.

Manuel wants to go to the cinema more often again
A film year is coming to an end and, as always, I use the last few months to catch up on everything I missed in the cinemas at home. And like every year there is one or the other pearl that I get annoyed afterwards for not having seen it on the big screen. Although I actually have the greatest viewing pleasure comfortably on my couch at home, the cinema gives you a completely different experience. After six months of the moviepilot internship, during which I enjoyed the press screenings, it will now be time in 2017 to return to Berlin's cinemas for the next cinematic highlights. There will (hopefully) be enough.

Benjamin wants to immerse himself in the colorful world of comics
I don't really want to change a lot about my viewing habits. Sure, more is always better, but with the oversupply nowadays, especially when it comes to series, I have given up hope of being able to see everything that interests me. For this I would now like to immerse myself in another cosmos. The big blockbusters of today are more and more often based on comics and that's why I would like to deal with them more. At Christmas I first treated myself to Watchmen, in the future I want to find out more about the origins of the Marvel and DC heroes.

Andrea thinks the same thing she thinks every year
My resolution for the new year is always the same and has proven itself: watch 52 new films in 52 weeks, also watch all the pilots of appealing series, catch up on an old series and check out the entire filmography of a director or actor. Almost worked out this year. After all, with the new (theatrical) films and series, I met my should.

Jenny wants to appreciate the living more
2016 was a horror year and by that I don't mean my personal approach to a genre that was closed to me for a long time. The unwanted farewell to many revered artists has recently been much conjured up. But instead of classifying and dampening the grief in the coming months using memefication, 2017 offers the opportunity to appreciate the living more. The big stars, for example, whose works I may not know what to do with, but whose meaning (as in the sad case of George Michael) I only realize in the worst case when it's too late. But also the many hard-working supporting actors, the Jon Politos and Abe Vigodas, who often fill the world of films and series with life, regardless of the general "quality".

We wish you a happy new year and a happy new year!