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And suddenly everyone can do it - listening to the radio with Siri

When Apple announced at the last WWDC in June that it would teach the Apple HomePod to play the radio, I was very excited. Basically, that's an ability that is expected of a good smart speaker like the HomePod today. Simply name the radio station you want and off you go.

And in fact, Apple showed the HomePod how it's done, even before the new version of the operating system was released. But that's not all. Because Apple didn't just teach it to the HomePod, but to Siri. And now all devices on which Siri is available can play Internet radio. Just because.

Say to one of the devices running Siri, ie iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or a Mac: “Play hr-Info” or “Play Deutschlandfunk” and you can listen to your favorite station.

On the iPhone and iPad, the radio program then runs in the background and you can pause and continue it with the magic tap. On the Mac, iTunes or, from Mac OS Catalina, the music app opens for playback. Similarly, you can also make the radio program on the Mac louder and quieter with Command + Arrow up and down. Regardless of the system volume. A function that I often miss in most apps on the iPhone, especially as a VoiceOver user.

A little oddity remains: I've already met two users of an iPhone 7 on whom Siri could not play a radio station. However, this cannot be due to the age of the devices. Because it works on the iPhone SE, although technically they are older. Let's see if this limitation goes away over time.

A little additional tip: You have been able to say to Siri for a long time - on all devices: "Play the latest news from Deutschlandfunk", "Play Tagesschau in 100 seconds" or "Play ZDF heute Express". Your Apple device then plays the messages from these three sources. Of course, you need a sufficiently good internet connection to do this.

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