How is MS DOS different

Difference: DOS / MS-DOS and Win32 console

The only relationship between these two systems is that they run text-based programs. This is where the list of similarities ends again.

DOS is its own operating system (like Windows or Unix), which was actually developed by a hobby programmer. Legend has it that Bill Gates bought DOS from this programmer for a few $ 1,000 and sold it to IBM. At that time they were looking for a suitable operating system for their PCs. Gates won the bid, but he stumbled upon IBM and began selling MS-DOS, which promptly overtook IBM.

DOS was dragged along by Microsoft into the Windows era. Until WindowsME it was still integrated as a sandbox to ensure downward compatibility. In the meantime, however, MS-DOS has been completely removed from Windows.

Programming under DOS / MS-DOS: 16-bit applications are to be written for DOS. Nowadays this is only possible with old compilers (e.g. with Microsoft Visual C ++ 1.0, Borland C Compiler up to 4.52, Turbo C / C ++ and with the 16-bit version of the DJGPP). The API is hidden in the header file .

Nowadays DOS / MS-DOS is hardly used any more, and later clones with improved properties (eg FreeDOS or DR-DOS) have also disappeared from the market. There are a number of emulators (e.g. DOSEMU) to get programs to run under newer operating systems.

Win32 console:

Microsoft began their era of graphical operating systems with Windows. But a text-based environment was still important to many users, especially in the early days, and still offers some advantages today. So that such a text-based environment was available, DOS was initially dragged along with it (as the operating system in the operating system), but this was not particularly stable. In the end, DOS was completely removed from Windows and a console similar to the Unix console was developed (only with far less functionality, which is supposed to change with Windows Longhorn).

This Win32 console runs, nomen est omen, 32bit applications. All new Windows compilers create such applications. The API for the console can be found integrated in the WinAPI in the header file .

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