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In honor of the fathers: 13 event ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is about the dads. For many of them, a mug with a funny slogan or a new tie in a terrible color is enough.

But how can you, as an organizer, help to make the day a special experience? We've put together a list of 13 Father's Day event ideas that will inspire you.

This article is about…

  • Food events
  • Outdoor events
  • Sporting events
  • Entertainment ideas

The following activities are suitable for almost all dads, so you have plenty of leeway in organizing your party.

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Food events

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So what better way to celebrate Father's Day than organizing an event with treats and drinks? Here is a list of events you can organize at any time of the day.

1. Breakfast all day

A balanced breakfast is a must, so why not organize a full English (or, you know, something tasty) for dads and their children? In addition, the Breakfast Club should not have a monopoly on all-day breakfast. It's a great way for the family to start the day together and still have time for activities the rest of the day .... maybe something else you've organized?

Tip:Here are some Father's Day breakfast ideas that you can use as part of your breakfast events.

2. Brunch with Schwips

If Father's Day falls on the weekend, you could skip breakfast altogether and organize a classic all-you-can-eat brunch instead. You can also make things a little more interesting by offering cocktails and maybe adding some live entertainment to add some pizzazz to things.

Tip:Check out how Skylon organized an all-you-can-eat brunch with gin and tonics and jazz music for Father's Day.

3. BBQ

Every dad is the grill master in their house, so why not let them do what they do best by throwing a communal grill party? Invite your neighbors and their families to a fun party where everyone brings their own steaks (and fathers).

Tip:You can find inspiration in this comprehensive party plan for Father's Day BBQs (complete with delicious pictures).

4. Wine or whiskey tasting

There is no shortage of pubs and bars so why not organize a wine tasting? Or maybe a whiskey tasting for all fans of the single malt. Invite fathers and their children to see who is best at guessing which of the whiskeys or wines is the most expensive. A plan that includes drinks and dads can never go wrong (unless they insist on going after them).

Tip:Check out how Birmingham Wine School organized a Father's Day wine tasting and how Leighton Buzzard started an entire whiskey festival to celebrate all fathers.

Outdoor events

Outdoor DIY projects are very manly, so Father's Day is the perfect opportunity for them. If you have access to a workshop, organize an event where fathers and their children work together on a hands-on project. But there are other artisanal events you can organize.

1. Eco woodworking

An eco woodworking course could be the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious dad. This two-day woodworking course dispenses with power tools to do it the old-fashioned way with axes and planes. Why not organize your own woodworking session for Father's Day?

2. Guided hikes and camp building

Building bearings is another great way to show dads their DIY skills. This time in the forest. Organize a guided hike through local forests, show fathers and their families how to set up camp, then enjoy the beautiful surroundings with hot chocolate and marshmallows around the campfire.

Are you looking for places where guided hikes can be organized? Here are a few suggestions:

3. Test drives

Many dads are car enthusiasts and Father's Day should be all about their preferences. So why not organize a test drive where fathers can try out new sleds that they have always wanted to drive? Virgin Experience Days are very successful with their Father’s Day Driving Experiences.

Tip:You can get even more inspiration from these Honda and Renault test drive events.


While we're on the subject of sports: There are many ways for you to plan an event that inspires you to get active.

1. Sports events

Some dads are also sports fans, so why not organize a sports event that they can attend with their children? Nothing stands for family love like cheering for the same team…. or to boo the opposing team! Also, since Father's Day does not take place during the football season this year, you have almost no competition.

Tip:Read our ultimate guide to successful sports events to learn how to do it.

2. Cycling

If you have bikes, it's time to get them out of the garage and dust them off for Father's Day. Encourage families to cycle together in the fresh air. An inexpensive and fabulous daytime activity. For example, you can organize a Father's Day bike tour on one of these impressive bike routes.

Tip:Why not combine cycling with some of the other ideas in this article?Get inspiration from these cycling events organized by Sustrans for Father's Day.

3. Rifle shooting

For the fathers who are more interested in shooting clay pigeons, you have the opportunity to organize a shooting event. Virgin Experience Days have tried and tested this type of event too, so you don't have to risk anything when organizing a Father's Day shooting event.

Tip:For inspiration, see what kind of competitions the Clay Lodge is offering.

4. Sponsor a duck

Sponsoring a duck in a duck race is a traditional game played on Coughton Court. It's an event that never gets old - or boring. It is one of the Father's Day event ideas that are particularly suitable for families with small children.

Tip:Read more about this event on the National Trust website ... and don't be afraid to do the same in your region!


There is no shortage of entertainment in larger cities. If there isn't much going on in your city, as an event organizer you have plenty of leeway to organize something exciting on this Father's Day.

1. Live music

Encourage children to take their dad to a live concert and watch him relive his rock star days. There are as many options for music events as there are music genres. It could also be a great way for you to help fathers show the younger generation the music of yesteryear. When music was still good.

Tip:Read our guide to planning a music event and start planning your own Father's Day throwback concert!

2. Film screenings

For the father who is not the outdoor type or who is just the total couch potato: Why not hold a film screening? There are many classics: from sports films to inspiring films that children can watch with their fathers. Dust off the projector, invest in some snacks, and host a Father's Day movie screening.

Tip:Are you looking for a list to choose from? Check out this rundown of the best movies to watch with your dad and find inspiration for your screening on Father's Day.

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So what do you think

Hopefully you now feel well prepared to host a great event on Father's Day. Do you think you are armed with the Father's Day ideas that we have presented to you?

After all, it's a national holiday you don't want to spoil! Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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