Regret your unpaid internship

Apply now: internships in the European Parliament 

You don't have to study European politics to qualify for an internship. In addition to general internships, there are also special programs for young journalists or prospective interpreters. In addition to paid internships, there is also the opportunity to gain unpaid experience in parliament. Another program is aimed at young people without a university degree.

"It is helpful to list all the skills you have," advises Lucy Moylan (Ireland), an intern at the Parliament's Visitors Center. "I am a trained actor with experience in traditional cheese making and a Masters in Irish translation. I never thought it possible to be selected for an internship in the European Parliament!"

Lots of applicants

Every year Parliament receives over 7,000 applications, only 8% of which pass the selection process. The internships usually last between one and five months and are remunerated at around 1200 euros per month. Interns have to look for and pay for accommodation independently.

Support for people with disabilities

Since 2006, Parliament has also offered a special program for people with disabilities. The participants receive specially adapted workplaces as well as help in finding an apartment and transport options.

"Unfortunately, a disability is not as well accepted in the private sector as it is in the European Parliament," says intern Silvia Cipriani from Italy. "I hope that more jobs will be created in the future for people with special needs such as in the European Parliament."

Your compatriot Chiara Arnone is sure that the internship will help her future career. "This is recognized everywhere and shows that you have a good attitude, can adapt to new challenges and have a high level of social skills.