Which artist recorded the song Exodus?

Peace request as a pop song

05/20/2021 | • Hearing language center

Raised bed professionals at work

After many, many hours of rain, the little raised bed professionals at the school kindergarten of the Leopold School in Altshausen were finally able to start planting ...

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05/20/2021 | • Disability assistance

Language connects

How barriers between hearing and non-hearing people are broken down ...

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04/26/2021 | • The Zieglers

Realignment of the HR department and corporate development department

With effect from May 1st, Constantin Knall will be the new head of the Human Resources division and successor to Dorothee Schad, who is retiring. Knall has been in charge of the corporate development department since 2017 ...

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04/22/2021 | • Aid for the elderly

The Plüderhausen day care starts on April 26, 2021

The renovation work in Brunnenstr. 6 in Plüderhausen have been completed and the new premises can be put into operation. The Zieglerschen now offer 15 places for day care guests on the ground floor of the senior citizen center “Haus am ...

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04/16/2021 | • The Zieglers

Memory of corona victims

The Ziegler family commemorate the people who died with Corona with a video message from the chairman of the board, Pastor Gottfried Heinzmann. The Wilhelmsdorf-based social enterprise is responding to Federal President Steinmeier's call for the 18th ...

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04/06/2021 | • Disability assistance

The Zieglerschen are partners of ava

Assistance helps people with disabilities to lead a self-determined and independent life. Unfortunately, this often involves a lot of organizational work. The online platform ava is changing that. ...

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03/29/2021 | • Disability assistance

In search of art

Under the working title "In search of art", the Zieglers provide a stage for people with artistic ways of life and their works. ...

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03/15/2021 | • Hearing language center

Spring awakening in presence

Since February 22, 2021, regular operations have returned to the school kindergarten of the Leopold School in Altshausen. Was that a nice ...

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05.03.2021 | • Aid for the elderly

It's good that you are here ...

In the Martinshaus senior center in Kirchentellinsfurt, facility manager Elisabeth Armbruster spoke to all employees ...

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03/01/2021 | • Addiction support

Cancellation of the annual festival of addiction aid 2021

Due to the current occasion and due to the unclear development with regard to the corona pandemic, the management team of the addiction aid together with the support group decided with a heavy heart that both the annual celebrations in the clinics ...

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02/25/2021 | • Disability assistance

Open letter on blood test for trisomies

Together with a broad civil society alliance, the Federal Association of Protestant Disability Aid calls on the chairman of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), Prof. Josef Hecken, in an open letter to approve the resolution ...

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02/12/2021 | • Disability assistance

Politics in plain language

The state elections will take place in Baden-Württemberg on March 14, 2021. Together with other sponsors, the Zieglerschen create an election guide in easy language and convey questions to ...

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02/03/2021 | • The Zieglers

Zieglersche start vaccination campaign

"I'm getting vaccinated because ..." - the motto of the Zieglerschen vaccination campaign that starts today. Colleagues from all areas and fields of help can now take part and promote the corona vaccination. On ...

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02/01/2021 | • Aid for the elderly

Quarantine for the Martinshaus senior center lifted

After all residents and employees had tested negative, the quarantine ordinance for the care facility was lifted in coordination with the health department and the search for volunteers for the visitor tests began ...

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02/01/2021 | • Hearing language center

Verlag am Sprachheilzentrum on didacta2021

From March 23 to 27, 2021, the publishing team at the Sprachheilzentrum will present its therapy and diagnostic materials for the first time at didacta in Stuttgart. "As a small publisher at the big trade fair - that will be exciting," says Mona Henle from ...

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01/17/2021 | • Aid for the elderly

Excellent Martin Luther House

At the end of 2020, the Martin Luther House in Denkendorf was repeatedly awarded the title “Family-conscious company”. The Zieglerschen senior center in Denkendorf had already received the award in 2016. ...

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12/22/2020 | • Aid for the elderly

Christmas greetings for senior citizens in Schorndorf

The outpatient service in Schorndorf delights its customers with attentions that smell of honey and lavender. During a home visit, Beata Lisauskiene, head of the outpatient service, hands over small bars of soap and wishes - despite ...

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12/17/2020 | • Aid for the elderly

Close cooperation in times of distance

In the Henriettenstift Kirchheim der Zieglerschen, a lot of value is placed on distance in Corona times. At the same time, however, the team and residents are moving closer together in a figurative sense, because the residents also try, where possible, to ...

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12/16/2020 | • Aid for the elderly

New sounds in the senior center in the village

It was delivered on time for the Christmas party and immediately incorporated into the existing program: the new large table harp for the senior citizens' center in Bempflingen. ...

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12/15/2020 | • Disability assistance

Inauguration of the wheelchair swing

Last Tuesday, Markus Riedter, the Haslachmühle residents' advisory council, was able to inaugurate the wheelchair swing on the Haslachmühle grounds. ...

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12/15/2020 | • Hearing language center

Christmas mail from Biberach

“They don't get anything for Santa Claus,” Lina is convinced. She is in the third grade of the Zieglerschen language therapy school in Biberach. But: "They get something from us and they are happy," she adds ...

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December 8th, 2020 | • Aid for the elderly

Even Santa Claus helped out

This morning 10 energetic helpers met in front of the Martin Luther House of the Zieglerschen in Denkendorf to put the 20 care beds, a mattress and slatted frame donation from "Betten Kuttler" in Neuhausen and other accessories into one ...

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03.12.2020 | • Aid for the elderly

Winter wonderland enchants seniors

In the Karolinenstift senior center in Tübingen, nursing students and practice instructors got involved in a unique project to give the residents an extraordinary Christmas experience ...

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01.12.2020 | • Aid for the elderly

Beautiful Advent wreaths made from green waste donations

With the help of the donations of green cuttings that were given in front of the house, the Zieglerschen senior center team started the “Advent wreath campaign week” on November 24th, 2020. Advent wreaths were tied on each living area, so that each area ...

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01.12.2020 | • Aid for the elderly

Aichwald Nursing and Elderly Care Association says thank you

An extraordinary year is drawing to a close. A year that showed how important work is in the health professions. A year in which especially employees in geriatric care achieved extraordinary things ...

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11/25/2020 | • Disability assistance

Construction work in the Haslachmühle

A lot has happened in the Haslachmühle since the summer holidays: Construction of the Heidi Ziegler School started and traffic calming around the entire ...

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11/12/2020 | • Aid for the elderly

At St. Martin, children share their light with seniors

Last Tuesday, the children of the St. Georg Catholic Kindergarten from Wendlingen and some residents of the Zieglerschen Taläcker senior center braved the uncomfortable autumn weather. ...

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11/10/2020 | • The Zieglers

The end - the evening prayer

Two minutes with a short impulse, an evening prayer and the blessing from the church on the way, the Zieglerschen chapel in ...

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11/09/2020 | • Disability assistance

Sonja Fahrbach takes over the management of Haslachmühle

Sonja Fahrbach takes over the provisional management of the Special Education and Advice Center (SBBZ) Haslachmühle. She succeeds Bernd Eisenhardt, who retired at the end of the school year. ...

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05/11/2020 | • Youth welfare

Kids in quarantine - now it's time to stay calm

The cold season brings the second corona wave. Educators or teachers fall ill with Corona, groups close, classes are sent to home schooling, sometimes the kids have to be quarantined for 14 days. For many parents this means ...

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10/12/2020 | • Aid for the elderly

Welcome to the team, Afrora and Arilda

The two young women successfully completed their three-year training in October and are now supporting the team in Taläcker in Wendlingen as specialists in geriatric care. ...

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10/6/2020 | • Addiction support

The first poetry slam at the Ringgenhof inspires the audience

The first poetry slam at the Ringgenhof was a complete success. The focus of the afternoon were thoughts, poems and stories presented live on stage by six patients who, in the Wilhelmsdorf specialist clinic, found their way out of the ...

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