GPU fans run all the time

Graphics card fans run unevenly?

Hi, I got the Medion Akoya P6816 about half a year ago and I'm largely satisfied. However, I have now noticed that the device makes annoying noises in certain constellations. Specifically, there are two different problems that arise:

1: The power supply unit generates a beeping sound as soon as the laptop is switched off or goes into standby mode. I already read something about this problem in other forums, but the descriptions did not match my case 100%. The specialty with me is that the beeping only appears when the battery is not in the device. Once the battery is inserted, everything is normal.

2: The second problem is a hissing / chirping noise from the notebook itself when it is on battery power. In my opinion, it is not about the fan (you can hear it alongside and it sounds completely different) and not about CPU whining (as I said, it is more of a chirping / scratching than a beeping sound). It should also be mentioned that the device does not always make this noise, but only when it is under load. You can hear it clearly if you scroll up / down in a browser, for example. I therefore assume that the processor is the culprit.

My questions about the problems are as follows:

1: As to the best of my knowledge, there is no warranty claim on batteries and power packs, so I would try to repair the device myself if possible. Is this possible? Or what do you have to look out for when purchasing a new product?

2: Do you have any idea whether the problem could be solved by software? Otherwise, I would be interested in whether such a noise development is sufficient to assert your guarantee claims?

You can live with both problems, and I mainly use the laptop at home on a power strip, so I don't notice that much of the problems, but for the money I actually expect a flawless product.

As I said, it is the Medion Akoya P6816 MD 99040 on which the included Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is installed. I would be grateful for answers / hints / advice.

Mfg LH.