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Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Red Hood

Real name:

Jason Peter Todd


Red Hood


Gender Male
Height: 1.84 m
Weight: 102 kg
Eyecolour: Blue
Hair color: black

Relatives / friends:

Willis Todd (father)
Catherine Todd (stepmother)
Sheila Haywood (mother)


Batman family
Batman Inc.
Teen titans

First appearance:

as Jason Todd: Batman # 357 (March 1983)
as Robin: Batman # 366 (December 1983)
as Red Hood: Batman # 635 (February 2005)

Created by:

Gerry Conway
Don Newton

This article deals with the person Jason Todd, for other persons who had the identity of Red Hood, see Red Hood.

Jason Peter Todd is a fictional superhero from the DC Comics comics. Created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, it first appeared in Batman # 357 in 1983.

He was the second Robin after Dick Grayson impersonated Nightwing. In the story "A Death in the Family" he was killed by the Joker, but later returned as Red Hood and was one of Batman's adversaries. He later switched back to the heroes' side and was accepted back into the Bat family. He now runs the Outlaws at.

Biography Edit source]

Prehistory Edit source]

Jason Todd was the child of Willis and Catherine Todd and grew up in Gotham City. His father was a cook, but ended up in prison and never returned to his family even after he was released. Jason was left alone with his drug addict mother and tried to make a living for the family by stealing and selling auto parts. Sadly, however, his mother soon died of an overdose and Jason was left all alone. One night Jason saw the Batmobile parked on a street and tried to steal the tires from it. However, Batman caught him doing it.

The second Robin [edit | Edit source]

Batman subsequently tried Jason in a school for difficult children

but the owner of the school actually only used it to train youngsters to become criminals. Batman decided that the best way to channel the boy's anger was to use her as the new Robin against criminals.

On their first official mission, Jason found out that Two-Face murdered his father. Furious at the fact that Batman knew about it, he went on a campaign of revenge and eventually confronted Two-Face. But instead of killing him, he managed to control his anger so that Dent could be captured.

While Jason was one of Batman's most enthusiastic students, he was also the one who caused the most problems. He was cheeky and impulsive, and his previous life on the street shaped his own views of right and wrong. Because of this, he often had a different opinion than what his mentor wanted to teach him. He often used extreme force against the criminals and in one situation he even shot them with a gun, even though Batman despises guns.

It's even possible that he killed people during his time as Robin. When he was chasing the criminal Felipe Garzonasa, who raped a woman and then drove her to suicide, he also committed suicide shortly after Jason's arrival. But most likely it was Jason who brought him down.

Concerned that Jason might have murdered someone, Batman asked Barbara Gordon if she would not return as Batgirl to work by Jason's side in the hopes that she could gain a better insight into the boy. Although the two worked very well together, Barbara couldn't deny that she noticed a darkness in Jason.

A death in the family Edit source]

Jason later found out that his mother wasn't his real mother and tried to find the woman who is his real mother. After various clues, he finally found his mother Sheila, who worked for an aid organization in Ethiopia. He was overjoyed that he had found his mother again, but quickly found out that she was being blackmailed by the Joker, who had to supply her with medicine. In doing so, she embezzled the aid organization's funds and to cover it up, she handed her own son over to the Joker. The Joker brutally beat the boy with a crowbar and then left him with his mother in a warehouse and with a time bomb. The two tried desperately to escape, but they couldn't make it in time. By the time Batman arrived, it was already too late. He had the dead bodies of the two brought back to Gotham, where they were buried. Jason's death haunted the Dark Knight for a long time. He built a shrine for Jason's costume and described it as his greatest defeat: not having properly trained him for his role as Robin and failing to protect him from the Joker.

Return from the dead Edit source]

As Superboy Prime the reality of Paradise dimension changed that he was trapped in, Jason was brought back to life. He got out of his coffin, but then collapsed and spent a year in a coma. Talia al Ghul recognized him and took him to the Lazarus Pit. The dip in the pit also affected his personality. When he found out through Talia that his death was never avenged, he decides to confront Batman, but before that, just like his mentor, he decided to travel around the world and complete the same training as himself.

After he did not regret not having killed the Joker, Jason's anger only increased and he decided from now on the identity of Red Hood to assume an identity that the Joker once had.

Red Hood Edit source]

Jason returned to Gotham and stole a shipment Kryptonite of

Black Mask. In the midst of a fight between Batman, Nightwing and Mr. Freeze, he gave them the kryptonite and told them he now has what he really wanted: "get an overview". Shortly afterwards he found the Joker, who had been driven out of Gotham by Hush, and hit him with a crowbar, just as he was beaten by him at the time. He spared it, however, as he intended to use it against Batman later.

He then took control of several gangs in Gotham and started a one-man war against Black Mask's criminal empire. But mainly he strove to cleanse the city of its corruption, such as drug trafficking or gang crime and killing the joker. Through his activities as an anti-hero, he was often confronted with Batman and his allies.

Knowing that Tim Drake had replaced him as Robin and was called the better Robin, he broke up with the Teen titans one to face him. He wore a modified version of his old Robin costume, switched off the remaining Titans and knocked Tim to the ground. Angry that there was no memorial statue for him, he wanted to know from Tim if he was really as good as they say he was. He said "yes" and then passed out. He cut the "R" emblem off his suit and left. However, he admitted his respect for Tim and wondered if he would have been a better person and a better Robin if he had had a life and friends like Tim.

Jason kidnapped the Joker and held him hostage to lure Batman to the location of their first meeting. He wanted to know from him why he never avenged his death and killed the Joker. Batman replied that he would never cross that line. He tossed Batman a gun and told him to kill him himself if he was to keep him from killing the Joker. At the last moment, however, Batman manages to knock the gun out of his hand with a batarang. The Joker took advantage of the situation by causing a detonation and disappearing.

A year later and countdown [edit | Edit source]

Jason subsequently patrolled New York City as a murderous version of Nightwing, Nite-Wing. He did not even consider giving up the Nite Wing identity and tried several times to get Dick Grayson to his side, but the latter refused. A short time later he was kidnapped by unknown gangsters. Rescued by Dick Grayson, they eventually worked together to defeat the Pierce brothers. He then left NYC but left a telegram for Dick telling him that he still sees them as his family.

Now in Star City, he was here with him Brick teamed up what called Batman on the scene. Jason's true motives were only revealed later, when he did Mia Dearden (Speedy) kidnapped to get her to his side, since he saw a kindred soul in her. When his attempts failed, he decided to blow up their high school.

Jason eventually assumed the identity of Red Hood again.

Later he landed on Earth-51 and met the Batman of this world there. The Batman of this world began to kill his opponents after the death of Jason. Jason received the Red Robin costume from Batman here, as he planned to give it to Jason before he died. During the final fight, Batman was killed. Jason eventually went to Apokolips to fight Darkseid there. Then he returned to his own world and decided again to give up the superhero existence and to do things his way again.

Batman R.I.P. [edit | Edit source]

After Batman during the events of "Batman R.I.P." Was gone, Jason began manipulating the gang wars in Gotham so that he could control them. Unfortunately, that only created more violence. With both Nightwing and Batman absent, it was Tim Drake's job to deal with the mess Jason had created. Jason also tried to get Tim to work together, but Tim also refused.

This led to a confrontation between Jason and Tim, which was interrupted by the arrival of another Red Robin, who later turned out to be Ulysses Armstrong. As a result of this interference, Jason was shot in the leg by a gang member and taken into custody by police. Incognito, he was visited there by Tim Drake, who gave him a Justice League access code so that he could free himself from prison. Despite Jason's actions so far, Tim felt he deserved a chance at redemption. Tim invited Jason to the Bat Cave, where he read him Batman's will and will. In this state that Jason was his biggest mistake and he regrets that he never offered him help and instead made him Robin and put him in constant danger.

Those words made Jason go nuts.

Battle for the mask Edit source]

Jason decided he had to be the new Batman. He wore a black / gray costume with a face mask and used two handguns and various other weapons.

He killed several criminals, leaving papers with "I AM BATMAN" on them.

Nightwing fought him along with Damian Wayne, with Jason shooting Damian down. At the same time, Tim, also disguised as Batman to show how the real Batman would act, found Jason's "Bat Cave" in an abandoned subway system. He was saved from a trap by Catwoman who had followed him and knew it was Tim.

They were surprised by Jason, who, after killing Catwoman, fought Tim and stabbed him in the chest with a batarang.

Eventually Nightwing also reached Jason's hiding place and a fight ensued in which Jason claimed that Tim was dead, not knowing that Tim had survived the attack. Nightwing managed to overpower Jason and wanted to help him, but Jason decided to commit suicide and called to Nightwing that they would meet again soon.

Red Hood's revenge Edit source]

Jason survived the fall and gave up his ambitions to be the new Batman. Meanwhile, Dick was the new Batman, with Damian as the new Robin at his side. Jason, in turn, reinvented his Red Hood identity and changed the costume to be more similar to what the Joker once wore. From then on he no longer dyed his hair black, but left it red, with a gray strand (a leftover from his stay in the Lazarus Pit) and with Scarlet, the daughter of a criminal and a victim of Professor Pyg, he also lay down a sidekick too. With her he wanted to replace the old dynamic duo.

From then on he also used the media and the Internet to advertise his methods of combating criminals and to present them as the only legitimate way of dealing with criminals. Public opinion was on his side, at the latest when he showed a video in which Batman and Robin, the penguin, protected him and Scarlet.
Somehow the two always managed to get to the scene before Batman and Robin. When the two duos did meet, it came to a fight, which Jason and Scarlet won. They named Dick and Damian captured and wanted to reveal their identities to the world via Twitter webcam when the public interest was big enough.

They were interrupted by an attack by the assassin Flamingo, whereby Dick and Damian were able to free themselves. Jason and Scarlet had no chance against Flamingo and had Batman and Robin not shown up, they would have been killed by him. Scarlet then managed to escape and Jason was taken into custody again.

Return to the family? Edit source]

Jason was then taken to Arkham, where he has been since

was incarcerated for seven months. Bruce, who had meanwhile returned, visited him there and told him that it was for his own protection that he was here. Jason replied that he passed all psychological tests and that there was no reason why he was here. He was then transferred to a regular prison, where the suicide rate skyrocketed shortly after his arrival. Jason was also killed several times after several inmates attempted to attack him. Jason let things escalate even further when he poisoned the cafeteria, resulting in the deaths of 82 other inmates. He was then supposed to be brought back to Arkham, but during the transport he was freed by a group of mercenaries who told him he was safe and should come with them. Jason broke free and was fighting the mercenaries when Batman and Robin showed up. It turned out that the mercenary's employer had kidnapped Scarlet.

The three of them made their way to one of Jason's arms stores, where he had another Red Hood costume. Together they managed to free Scarlet and Jason escaped with her in a helicopter. Jason didn't want to return to the Bat family until he felt himself ready for it.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Edit source]

To atone for his sins and atone for them, he decided to call a team of headstrong superheroes Outlaws which includes Arsenal and Starfire.
He now has a red bat symbol on his chest. It is one of Nightwing's old replacement costumes, which is meant to illustrate his purification as he is ready to wear a replacement costume and symbol.

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