Coldplay dissolves

Coldplay broadcast new single from the ISS

They are aiming very high: The English band Coldplay came up with something for the release of their new single "Higher Power": The song celebrates its premiere in space.

About a year and a half after their last studio album, the British band Coldplay is back with a new song: "Higher Power" was released on Friday night on the International Space Station.

Live premiere in space

The live premiere of the new track was taken over by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet. In the music video that goes with the single, frontman Chris Martin and his colleagues from Coldplay make music together with dancing alien holograms. However, the English are clearly recognizable on earth and play in front of a backdrop that consists of containers.

A new Coldplay album is planned

"Higher Power" is the first single from the upcoming, untitled Coldplay album. In the past few days, the band had fueled speculation about brand new music on the Internet: In social media, for example, the British repeatedly announced "extraterrestrial transmissions".

In addition, Coldplay published the website "Alien Radio". The band members wrote about the new single on Twitter: "'Higher Power' is a song that was composed in early 2020 on a small keyboard and a washbasin in the bathroom." From the bathroom into space, so to speak. When the ninth studio album by the successful British rockers will be released has not yet been announced.