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Are you looking for abstract art and abstract painting for your rooms? Here you will find abstract art pictures and abstract acrylic pictures for offices, offices and practices. Abstract acrylic paintings make your living and company spaces unique. Buy abstract art - have it delivered, hang up, done!

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What does abstract art mean for the artist?

"For me, abstract art means freedom and diversity. It gives me the opportunity to simply let the brush run free. For me, an abstract painting is the ideal counterbalance to realistic portrait painting. With abstract painting, I don't need a sketch or solid shape that would restrict the color gradient. The motif only comes to light after the colors have connected. In my abstract pictures I experiment, lose myself and just let myself go. You can buy the results online here: extraordinary and unique splashes of color for modern rooms . "

Abstract painting is a term for non-representational art with a variety of forms of expression. You want buy abstract acrylic paintings? Why not in the Burgstallers-Art online shop. Burgstallers-Art has a large selection of contemporary paintings in particular, and you can buy abstract art online. Here you will find paintings and decorative pictures in various techniques and colors. Enjoy Art abstract in many sizes and designs.

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Abstract art images look best in XL format. Due to shipping, abstract paintings up to a maximum size of 80x140cm are offered in the shop - on request I can also produce larger abstract acrylic paintings that are sent with the forwarding agency (Germany only). For small rooms or less extensive walls, I recommend a smaller abstract wall picture, otherwise the room will be literally overwhelmed by the picture. These smaller abstract works of art are of course also a feast for the eyes for your stylish ambience in terms of price. For a price of 100 to 200 euros you will find expressive, unique abstract acrylic paintings at Burgstallers-Art, which with a size of 50x60cm to 80x100cm definitely make a statement on your wall. If you have a special idea or a special size you want for your abstract acrylic painting, please contact the artist without obligation.

Abstract pictures and paintings for your home

On the article pages you will find large photos and details of the abstract works of art. With a reflex camera, the abstract art is photographed very true to color. With the possibility to enlarge the hand-painted pictures, you can see all the details of the painting technique of the canvas pictures. The artist always tries to photograph the details and image sections well and clearly in order to make it easier for art lovers to choose from abstract acrylic paintings. The digital living space representations on the article pages are intended to convey an abstract impression of the pictures on the walls. If you want to buy abstract paintings on the Internet, you need excellent, digital images. Convince yourself that at Burgstallers-Art you get what a photo promises, and don't be afraid to buy abstract acrylic paintings online.

Depending on the space - in offices, hotels, practices, law firms or private rooms - modern painting should define you, show your style and of course also impress the visitors of your company without being in the foreground. The artist carries out special corporate requests for abstract art in the form of commissioned painting and produces acrylic paintings tailored to you. Buy murals direct from the artist - unique abstract images and abstract paintings on canvas.

Abstract painting - a passion

Abstract painting offers the artist many more possibilities than representational forms of expression. In the past she only painted landscapes, people and animals - mostly from Africa - she has a much greater freedom in abstract painting. With this art form, the artist is interested in expression, colors and the so-called flow in painting. No abstract image is predictable, abstract painting is always an experiment and after a phase of realistic images it needs abstract painting to recalibrate itself.

For Alexandra Brehm, the most important aids in this style are putty, stencils, various media and pipettes. Even if it should not be possible to compare figures and forms in abstract painting, Alexandra Brehm's abstract pictures have clearly recognizable features of cities. But that is clearly in the eye of the beholder.

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At Burgstallers-Art you can only buy hand-painted modern paintings and abstract acrylic paintings. The artist Alexandra Brehm is a fan of modern and abstract acrylic painting. If you do not want acrylic, but oil or watercolor paintings, you will not find it here. The artist's paintings are made with acrylic paints of the highest lightfastness and painted on dimensionally stable stretcher frames.