How is Kareena Kapoor Khan personally

Kareena Kapoor


  • First name Kareena
  • Name Kapoor Khan
  • Born 09/21/1980, Mumbai / India
  • Virgo zodiac sign
  • Years40
  • 1.65 m
  • PartnerSaif Ali Khan (married)
  • Children Taimur (* 2016)

Not everyone knows that

Biography of Kareena Kapoor

It almost seems like the life of Indian actress Kareena Kapoor is predetermined. The pretty brunette comes from the legendary Kapoor dynasty of actors - her older sister, her father, her grandfather and even her great-grandfather are or were greats in Bollywood.

Concentrated woman power

But she and her sister are the first generation of women to make it into business. Her mother had to fight hard for that. Kareena's father really didn't want to approve of the fact that she and her sister wanted to be actresses too. After all, women have to pursue their maternal and family responsibilities; that doesn't go well with a life in the spotlight and a lot of work in front of the camera. But the women of the family prevailed, Kareena's mother left her husband and the two daughters realized their dream of acting.

Via detours to your dream job

But contrary to what one might assume from Kareena's family history, this dream developed quite late for her. After graduating from school, she first studied economics for two years before she discovered her passion for law and enrolled at the university with the professional goal of becoming a lawyer. But she did not finish her studies either, because after her first year she discovered her true passion: acting.

India has an ambivalent relationship with its star

So Kareena Kapoor dropped out of college and took acting classes. She quickly landed her first roles - whether it was her famous name or her talent is an open question. In 2000 he made his debut alongside Abhishek Bachchan im Film "Refugee". Then followed Roles in "In good as in bad days" and the leading role as Princess Kaurwaki in "Asoka". Kareena is not without exception popular in India, not every film with her is a box-office hit and she is often referred to as a Bollywood bitch, but over the years she has become one of the highest paid actresses in India.

Love luck with Saif Ali Khan

Kareena's popularity ranking is also not exactly conducive to her - by Indian standards - quite permissive nature. Although she took on less arrogant and sexy roles over the years to change her image, many Indians still consider the Bollywood beauty to be a diva. But what others think of her interests neither her nor her equally famous husband Saif Ali Khan, who is also a celebrated star in Bollywood. Image or not, the two make a pretty couple on the red carpets of the Indian dream factory.

Kareena Kapoor off the big screen

But Kareena Kapoor not only cuts a fine figure as a wife and actress, also as a Designer the beautiful Indian has made a name for herself. As the first Indian actress ever, she developed and sold her own fashion collection. And lifestyle topics are also important to her. She published that Book "Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight", in which she gives advice on healthy eating. After a few more guidebooks, hers appeared in 2013, which was widely recognized Autobiography "The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva". So it seems like Kareena Kapoor has more on it than her critics suspect. It will certainly go a long way.