How does Bhangra differ from classical dance

The current course program

Tue 6.00 p.m.-7.30 p.m.Beginners with previous knowledgeAmelie
Wed 18.00-19.30AdvancedMadlen
Thu 18.00-19.30Intermediate level





the commercial name for modern Indian dance. It is a colorful mix of classical Indian dance styles such as Kathak and Bharata Natyam, Indian folklore, Bhangra and many western dance styles.

The dance is thrilling and expressive at the same time, but there is more to the music and the lyrics than just the obvious. Through their facial expressions and the delicate movements of their bodies, the dancers convey the meaning of the piece to the audience.

Bollywood is colorful opulence and diversity without taking itself too seriously.

Structure and content of the lesson / Bollywood advanced

An energetic warm-up prepares the body for the following lesson: we loosen tension, warm our muscles and shake off everyday life. Then targeted movements and their combinations for the choreography to be developed are practiced. Basic knowledge of Bollywood dance is a prerequisite for this course and is no longer explained in detail. The focus in this advanced course is on working on the choreographies and working together in a group. The course is rounded off with a little cool down (stretch and relax).

Requirements: Basic knowledge of Bollywood Dance or similar previous dance knowledge

Teach it:

Madlen Werner

has been intensively involved with dance in its various forms of expression for over ten years. She is a trained dancer in oriental dance and the classical, north Indian Kathak. In addition, she deals with modern dance styles such as street dance, hip hop and modern dance. She is a member of various dance ensembles, but also successfully travels across Europe as a solo artist.

Since 2005 Madlen has been teaching Bollywood dance at La Caminada dance studio. In her choreographies she combines elements of the classical Indian dance style, modern dance and hip hop with Indian folklore and bhangra to create a lively overall picture.

Amelie Kadi

Amelie Kadi has been dancing in the ensemble of “La Caminada Tanzstudio” in Berlin since she was six. She was trained in oriental dance in particular by Laila El -Jarad and the Brazilian dancer Antonio Rodriguez. She also worked intensively with Bollywood dance and took lessons from the Indian dancer Sheela Tiruchi for many years.

Amelie has been working independently since she was 17 and has successfully established herself as an oriental dancer "Amelie Oriental" and with her incomparably lively Bollywood shows in Berlin and the surrounding area. She has danced in show and film productions alongside Indian celebrities such as "Shriya Saran" and "Gauhar Khan".

In addition, Amelie completed a three-year state-recognized stage dance training with a focus on "contemporary dance". In addition to daily training in classical ballet, she was trained by international teachers in the most important modern dance techniques as well as in jazz and street dance.

Due to her diverse training, Amelie has developed a clear understanding of body, shape, line and movement and knows how to draw parallels between different modern and classical dance styles and to convey them in an understandable way. Be it a technique in its pure form, or a so-called fusion of two or more dance styles.

Amelie has been a teacher at the La Caminada dance studio since 2011. She attaches particular importance to the understanding of a healthy and correct posture as well as the balance of strength, expression and fun in her students of all ages. Amelie teaches a modern, lively and dynamic dance style and manages to convey her own enthusiasm for dance to her students.

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