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body part

Body part (German) [edit]

Noun, m[To edit]

Word separation:

Body part, plural: body parts


IPA: [ˈkœʁpɐˌtaɪ̯l]
Audio samples: body part (Info)


[1] Anatomy: part of a body


Determinative compound from nouns body and part


[1] extremity, organ


[1] Arm, eye, leg, stomach, chest, breast, thumb, finger, foot, neck, hand, head, mouth, back, toe


[1] “The experienced hang glider grows together functionally and in terms of experience so closely with his aircraft that the wing he has put on becomes something new body part which he uses like an extended arm or a well-fitting prosthesis. "[1]
[1] A leg is a Body part.
[1] “Most noticeable are endless tables with numbers that provide information about the average values ​​of children body parts give."[2]

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] onebody partamputate / remove, onebody partto lose
[1] Amputation of oneBody part

Translations [edit]

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