Is the earth a product of intelligent design?

Vince Ebert extrapolates: What if there was an intelligent designer?

Our body is a real marvel. The human shin, for example, is an almost perfect sensory organ for finding sharp-edged furniture in the dark. Can something as highly complex as humans have come about by pure chance? Doesn't there have to be a mysterious, creative plan behind it? In 2007 a representative survey by the Weltanschauungen research group in Germany revealed that more than a third of the population reject the theory of evolution as an explanation for the diversity of life.

The interviewees were convinced that the lengthy development process from a simple single cell to a complex living being like David Hasselhoff could only have come about through the central control of a higher power. The supporters of this alternative to the theory of evolution call their idea "Intelligent Design". In contrast to the creationists, they do not refer to the Bible, but leave the identity of the Creator open. In doing so, they postulate a scientific approach and are compatible with all ideas about God.

However, if you take a closer look at the idea, many contradictions arise. If we are supposed to have been created by a clever, all-powerful designer, why did he create something as unnecessary as the appendix? Well, maybe he was a surgeon ...

If you look around the human body a little more intensively, you have to doubt an intelligent designer anyway. The left ear is connected to the right hemisphere, the trachea and esophagus are crossed, the sewer pipe runs straight through the entertainment district. No site manager would remove such a pin. Intelligent creator or not, interior design is certainly not his forte.

But evolution does not strive for perfection. More precisely, it does not "strive" for anything. It is based on an interplay of random changes that are adapted to new conditions or not. Evolution is a story of countless unsuccessful attempts, desperate emergency solutions, infinite new beginnings and bizarre detours. It has produced lightning-fast cheetahs, but also sloths that move at the speed of a parliamentary debate.

If natural history were to run again, it would be completely different. This is probably precisely why the theory of evolution is so unpopular with Christian fundamentalists. Because it shows that pure chance led to our existence. And there is hardly any other thought that we humans can accept as badly as the idea that we are not the climax of something.