How does frost affect golf courses

Rules of conduct in case of ground frost and sub-zero temperatures

In the last few weeks we unfortunately had to find out again and again that despite the various signs on our premises, the rules that apply to winter games are often not observed. For this reason we would like to point this out to you again.

It is our concern to provide you with a sufficient range of play options (on winter greens and tees) even in the winter months. However, we hope for your support and, above all, your understanding if low temperatures or ground frost do not allow golfing on the course.

Especially in the morning hours, we currently find sub-zero temperatures on our golf course in Oberlippach and, as you can see very well in the picture, a frozen ground. Nevertheless, we unfortunately have to observe again and again that members of our golf club naturally start their round of golf.

Under these weather conditions it is strictly forbidden to enter the golf course! In the next few days, we will also carry out more space checks and then issue expulsions and, if necessary, subsequently also issue space bans due to violations.

We all want to find a great golf course in top condition again in the 2020 golf season and enjoy many beautiful rounds of golf. We therefore ask you to refrain from your rounds of golf in freezing and sub-zero temperatures in order to avoid long-term damage to the golf courses. Of course, you can use our driving range on the mat to keep moving.

We wish you - if the weather conditions allow it - a nice game on our golf course and of course a good start into the new (golf) year 2020!

Your team at the Landshut Golf Club