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Timeless bread

The Clatronic bba 3505 bread machine impresses with its low purchase price. And although this device is one of the cheaper machines, it still has numerous different baking programs. Gourmets, for whom it is not possible to start the day without a delicious breakfast, which includes crispy and fresh bread, should give serious thought to buying this machine. This model offers its user functions that far surpass bread-baking. Those who have made enjoying sweet pastries their regular sins can easily conjure up tempting cakes thanks to this bread maker. Jam lovers can also use this machine to make their own favorite jam. Gourmets benefit in two ways when buying this machine. You can use this device to produce your favorite bread and jam yourself and then enjoy it straight from the machine.

The bread machine - more than just a device for making bread

The Clatronic bba 3505 baking machine impresses hobby bakers with 12 different baking programs that offer 39 setting options. The 12 programs consist of the following baking functions:

  • The functionnormal refers to the preparation of normal white or mixed bread.
  • The programWhite bread bakes a fluffy fresh white bread that is surrounded by an irresistible crust.
  • The baking functionfull grain gives bread lovers a tasty wholemeal bread with sunflower or pumpkin seeds.
  • Thefast baking program conjures up a loaf in no time when the hobby baker overcomes the desire to bake bread.
  • The baking functionsweet bread gives gourmets a bread that contains either sugar, raisins or both ingredients. Gourmets use this program when they want to prepare a tempting yeast bread with little effort.
  • The programUltra fast 1 kneads and bakes a loaf weighing 750 grams within a short time.
  • The baking functionUltra fast 2 conjures up breads that weigh 1000 grams.
  • The programdough use when users want to save themselves the hassle of kneading and waiting for the dough to rise.
  • The manufacturing function ofjam allows gourmets to prepare their favorite jam with fresh fruit.
  • TheCake program prepares loose dough for numerous types of cake.
  • The functionsandwich bakes the popular sandwich breads for the toaster. The sandwich bread is light, light and yet has a crunchy crust.
  • The programto bake includes the post-baking function for bread or cakes. The baker should use them if he is not satisfied with the result.

In addition, this versatile bread machine has both a post-baking and a keep-warm function. The electronic control panel is equipped with an LCD display. The practical timer programming of this bread machine can go up to 13 hours. When it comes to the amount of dough, the manufacturers have proven that they have thought of every little detail when designing this bread maker. You have designed the device in such a way that the user can choose the amount of dough that he uses for baking according to his individual needs. The weight of the finished bread is either 750 or 1000 grams, depending on your choice.

Hobby bakers also have the option of choosing the degree of browning of the loaf between three levels. You can choose between a light, medium or dark bread crust. The housing has a clever cool-touch function, which is why the baker will not burn his fingers when using the bread maker. The removable lid includes a viewing window, which is why it is easy to observe the change in the dough mass during the baking process.

The machine users can remove the baking pan. It is also non-stick coated for the benefit of the user, so that annoying sticking of dough residues on the baking pan at the end of the baking process cannot arise. The machine takes over the entire bread preparation process. She starts kneading, continues with the rising of the baking mixture and then ends the process with baking. A dough hook is included in the baking pan, which masters distributing the dough mass. A clever BBA 3505 sealing ring is also integrated in the device.

The capacity of this machine is two liters, which corresponds to a bread mass that weighs around 1000 grams. The power consumption is 600 watts. The power supply is 230 V and 50 Hz. The Clatronic bba 3505 baking machine weighs six kilograms. With its elegant design in white color and the high-quality stainless steel design, it beautifies every kitchen. The dimensions
are 31.5 x 43.5 x 32.5 cm.

The bread maker convinces with numerous positive aspects

Due to its simple operation, this machine is ideal for beginners for whom baking with a bread machine is still new territory. If it has to be done very quickly and the hobby cook has little time, he can fall back on ready-made bread mixes. These are great as a supplement to the bread machine. It conjures up fabulous breads if the user follows all application rules. Hobby bakers should carefully consider the recipe suggestions. In order for the dough to be distributed right up to the edge, the bread baker must first fill in the liquid components, such as milk or water, and only then fill in the flour mixture.

Reasons that speak for purchasing this useful bread maker

The bread maker test showed that the machine impresses the user with its simple operation and numerous clever additional functions. Many bakers praise the integrated timer, which allows programming up to 13 hours in advance. In this way, bread lovers can actually enjoy their favorite bread, which the machine has baked for them overnight, fresh early in the morning. The low purchase price is one of the other advantages of this device.

However, there are two points that users of this machine complain about. On the one hand there is no automatic nut, grain and raisin distributor and on the other hand this bread maker has no manual programs.


People who decide to buy this bread maker benefit from this purchase in two ways. You can enjoy tasty breads in numerous variations at any time without much effort. The machine takes over the kneading, rising and baking of the pastries. Therefore, both the food processor and the oven can take a break. Furthermore, the machine can easily prepare other types of dough. This also includes cake and pizza dough. Customers can be sure that they will receive a high-quality device despite the low purchase price. However, this machine can do more than just bake. He can support his buyer with a healthy lifestyle, because thanks to this bread maker, the hobby baker knows exactly which ingredients his baked goods contain. Thanks to this device, passionate bakers can consciously dispense with preservatives or additives.

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