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NeraNature presents music for thought

NeraNature, the singer of the Polish metal band Darzamat, recently released her first solo album entitled "Foresting Wounds" - a mixture of atmospheric rock and metal. It is thus in a line of tradition with the classics of the Polish metal and hard rock scene such as TSA, Turbo or Closterkeller. Her slightly melancholy voice and the gloomy instrumental use give her concern, the criticism of the destruction of nature by humans, the necessary seriousness, but also give hope. For them, rock music is a medium for conveying critical thoughts. In the following interview, the musician talks about her solo album and her socially critical concerns.

Is rock music a suitable medium for reflecting on topics such as the environment and the behavior of modern people and thus encouraging people to think about them seriously?
I assume that a lot of people associate music with freedom, especially when it comes to rock music. So I think music is like a canvas that you paint pictures on. Besides that, I think that people who like rock music are a bit rebellious anyway. And that means that they do not go into the day thoughtlessly and do not accept everything that happens around them uncritically - at least that's what I hope. For some, rock 'n' roll will only be a hedonistic escape from everyday life, for others it can be a little more ...

What inspires you when you compose music?
I think the ability to create is to be more open to the world and not just to approach things intellectually. Above all, it consists in using all the senses and imagination that allow us to look behind the tough facts. For me, the sources of inspiration to create music and lyrics are endless. In my case, it is not the greatest works of art that count, but the simplest impressions such as indelible feelings, reflections, simple noises, short sentences, aromas and how they are lived ... On this basis, I carry images within me and draw from the most diverse moments in life . The rest will take care of itself.

Have we actually lost our souls in this modern world as you suggest in a song?
I think we're a little lost in this world that has accelerated its pace so much. In the pursuit of wealth, we don't always listen to our own thoughts. We do not always act according to our convictions, we are not always able to spend our valuable time with our loved ones. And finally - what I would like to emphasize on the album "Foresting Wounds": We lose our connection to nature and so to ourselves ...

You sing about the female soul. Are men unable to understand women?
On the contrary: I sing about the female soul to encourage men to experience something new. I know our worlds are different, but I also believe that it is not impossible to know them both and achieve something like a 'full vision'. It would be better to find an agreement than to deepen the differences that divide us.

Could you imagine singing a song about dangerous nuclear power - especially after the terrible nuclear disaster in Fukushima?
I don't think so because I don't like direct messages like that. I prefer to sing about the problems hidden in metaphors. I also don't try to communicate any political programs through music. I myself would not write such a song, but if an ecological organization asked me for help in this regard, then I would agree. And I am sure that I would not hesitate to help, especially when it comes to suffering animals.

Would you consider your music mainstream or alternative?
I dont know. I'm not that good at categorizing. I'll leave that to the journalists. What matters to me is the music itself.

Why did you choose to sing in English on your solo album?
First, I did it out of habit and second, the album came out in so many places around the world. That's why I chose the English language, because this is a universal language that allows many people on earth to rate not only the music, but also the lyrics.

What are your future plans?
We want to give concerts and also prepare a new album. Well, due to some personal issues we are forced to change our line-up. So we still have hard work ahead of us. But we'll be back on stage as soon as possible.

Interview: Volker Voss
Photo: Stanley McNoley